Alert! Alert!

Well, maybe this isn't as important as the title makes it seem. (grr....I'm listening to Owl City right now...very hard to concentrate...Yes, I listen to music while I'm on the computer..)

So..You know I made a stopmotion...would you all like a second part to it? I know you never saw it..but just so I can know so I can make it. So I would love to know your input!

OK OK OK...I'm going to post two Owl City songs I've been listening to. (Only two...I've listened to like way more........not trying to brag) Enjoy these songs! BTW, owl city IS supposed to be Christian...I wonder sometimes, though...

                                                   What I am listening to RIGHT NOW!

                                                    The one I listened to before this

Am I the only one that likes Owl City? God bless!


  1. I love both of those songs! :D

  2. I would love a second part! (Even though I don't know about the first part). And I LOVE Owl City too!
    ~The Doll Crafters


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