Hey all you wonderful lovely followers of mine, I have a very exciting thing to tell you about...

Me and another lovely blogger friend, the Doll Crafters, are hosting a contest together!!

So, each winner will have two prizes! Isn't that AWESOME?

Read on to find out how you could win two FABULOUS prizes!


 What would you do if you were a doll? You can talk about anything! You can express these through photos, stories, drawings, or a mixture of them! Just comment below with a link to the post.

You must be a public follower of Onedolloutthere and and The Doll Crafters.

Please share this post on Google, and if not allowed, don't worry, so other people can know about the contest. (so that we get more entries!!)

Please make sure everything is original, (no copying from other websites and such like i.e. books, media) and if any editing be done to pictures, please let it be done by YOU

Please take the button shown above and paste it onto your blog.

This contest ends on the 12th of August.

Have fun!


You will get two prizes, since the Doll Crafters and Onedolloutthere are both giving out three prizes.

1st place- Posters signed by the dolls! (The Doll Crafters) and will get to choose first out of the other three options listed below
2nd place- Autographed pics of the dogs! (the Doll Crafters) and will get to choose second out the other three options listed below
3rd place- Virtual Interview! (the Doll Crafters) and will get whatever is left out of the three options listed below.

The three prizes I'll be giving

Doll Posters OR Guest Post
Blog Design and/or Blog Award
Interview OR getting featured on my blog

Have fun and I look forward to seeing all your entries!


  1. Awesome! Here's my entry:

  2. your social media button are ready at woods between the worlds!

  3. Autumn! Im having trouble with the button. When i paste it onto my blog, it wont add the little caption under it. Help?
    ~The Doll Crafters

    1. the grab code? e-mail coming to your inbox...

  4. I'll totally enter!

  5. I entered! You can find my story on my blog,

    -I am a public follower of both!
    - I will put the button on my blog.


  6. I ant to enter! I'll give you the link for my entry as soon As I post it! Can I put he button thingy on my blog post later? Because my mom always uses the real computer now and I get stuck with the tablet.

    1. Sure deal...or you can just put it on the side of your blog...

    2. I finished! It's the newest post on my blog, Super Dollies

    3. I saw it, and commented on it :)

  7. Hey Autumn.
    I posted as if I was my doll Saige, and what a day in her life could be like. I hope you like it!
    Check out my blog to see it!


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