Fun Friday...Down the drain

OK,you know how I mentioned in Sunday Dollpaper that I will be closing this?

Well, I'm afraid it's come to that. I really liked it and all, but I really want to free up my schedule on this blog. On my other blog, I'm like...totally happy-go-lucky! Not exactly *cough cough

So, as a little honorable mention to Fun Friday or Friday Fun...we will be doing a recap. On every post at the end we will have a link back to a Fun Friday post. So let's time-travel back to the first one!

Fun Friday Episode 1

Thanks and please comment!


  1. I like Fun Friday! Sorry I didn't comment on it, but yes, it is a good amount! and sorry The Club has been delayed:(

  2. That's fine...
    I'm glad you liked it, but I just felt I needed more scace, you know what i mean?


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