Sunday Dollpaper

Hi guys! This is Esther speaking to you and today I will be talkin about..what it is like to be a doll. But as ususal, Front cover time first...

 This is what it says if you can't read it,
Doll Questions?
Hola everyone! Today Esther will be running the whole show, in fact she even chose the background for this week's dollpaper! So, today Esther will be answering questions about life from a doll's point of view. Please keep in mind, I made it all up and am not trying to copy anyody or anything.
Anyways, I got a new design up on my other blog so go check it out!
Thanks for everything ~ Autumn & Esther Onedolloutthere ODOT

Questions will be in bold and Answers will be underlined.

What is it like?
It's rather fun, when Autumn does stuff with me *cough cough* but a majority of the time I just sit around.

What do you do a majority of the day?

Ususally I take naps or listen to music on myiPhone (Autumn made one for me! Here's the link) And I like to wander about and be happy!

What is the fun thing you look forward to each day? (week, month etc.)

Ususally the pictures Autumn takes of me. I mean, seriously! She puts those pictures on her (and mine!) website..and then I get viewed all over th world!
I'm FAMOUS! (not exactly, Esther!)

Do you ever get hurt?

First thing, do you mean emotionally or physically? If you mean emotionally, I can answer. And if you mean physically I can answer too. First, emotionally. It's crazy! People think dolls can't hear or something! They talk about me if front of me. How crazy is that?
Second, physically, well my limbs are very loose, but I guess it's OK,since it's from a lot of fun times that that's happened. And my hair, well, I couldn't really resist when Autumn made it wet could I?

What was it like when you were opened?

It was AMAZING! I could acually be outside of my stuffy little box and be outside! Then I adjusted to my new owner and was pampered (and still am and I'm pround of that! But...Autumn probably will be mad at me when she reads this haha !)

What  is the least favorite thing you look down to?

Ususally when Autumn is done taking the pictures because she just sets me down and sarts editing them or posting them while I just sit there. (horrible, right?)

Thank you Esther! We look forward to asking more questions in the near future!

Sure! I  can't wait either! And all who have read this, if you have quetions for me, feel free to ask them as well!

no signature used this time, sorry||fictional|| I heop you liked this!||All this <<>>was written by Autumn bye!


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