Believe it or not..

People..I have finally constructed a ...stopmotion!!

How I came around to it? I wanted to do something, and I was so inspired by basilmennts and agpals, that I finally did one!!

I decided not to post it on here, since the quality always gets horrible when it's on blogger, so I've posted it on my Flickr account.

See at the top of the page blog? Right below the header there are the links. One of the them says Flickr. Click on it and the first one is the's called "Esther Plants"

Remember folks, HD HD HD! Don't go on low quality it's horrible.

Enjoy and don't forget to comment!

Fun Friday Recap: 4


  1. Good Job on the stopmotion. The movements where pretty smooth. The hint I would give you is to find a tripod or something to fill in as a tripod (Such as a stack of books) that way it is less shaky. if you cant get something to work pick a spot in the corner of your screan and line it up every time. GREAT JOB! hope you do more! :)

    1. Thanks sooo much!

      Yeah, I know it's shaky, but mine isn't really a camera, it's like a camera attached to a phone. So I can't really do it like that....

      P.S. It's NOT a camera on a phone though, i'd just rather not say what it is...

  2. I watched it, great job! I'd like to make a stop motion some day.

    1. Thanks!

      You should! I would totally watch it!


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