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Sweet and Sticky

Who's there? Peering around the corner....*gasp* it's you!
Welcome to this week's edition of...Sunday Dollpaper!

So, maybe you're wondering why the title is called Sweet and Sticky, eh? Well, lately, wonderful aromas have been drifting from the kitchen. And what do you know? Esther has been into helping me bake and cook! So we decided this week we shall give you some simple quick wonderful recipes for you to use!

We hope you enjoy this week's edition! All your views keep us encouraged!
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Well hi there! It's Autumn don't forget me, I'm here too! Esther Right, anyways, today we'll be sharing some wonderful recipes that will keep your kitchen a warm sweet-smelling with a cosy atmosphere. As you know fall is coming and the weather will be turning slightly chilly. Get baking and cooking!

First recipe!

Category: Cookies
The popular wonderful.... Chocolate Chip Cookie!

This is the recipe I use...Click here!

Next, I LOVE these, Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies!

One of the easiest recipes

And to top of this Sugar Cookies!

Super Duper GOOD!

Second Recipe!

Category: Main Dish

This is simple to cook on  grill!

Perfect for a campout!

Looks hard on the outside...but is SUPER DELICIOUS!


Maybe not a main dish, but tasty!

Clone of a Cinnabon! YUMMY!

Third Recipe
Category: Snack

Gobble up Granola Bars {You have to} *wink

One of the best!

Caramel Popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We hope you enjoyed everything!

Need a recipe and can't find it? Just ask!

That was this week's edition of Sunday Dollpaper!!

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