DIY Week #1

 forgive me for not posting Sunday Dollpaper yesterday....

Hi everyone! It's time to start off our very first, DIY Week! If you're reading this, I'm very happy! Warning: the DIY'S are probably not that great and you might know them already, in fact I know that some of you know this yeahhhhhh

What is this DIY Week all about? Well, I'll be posting a DIY for your doll each day of this week! So grab your crafting supplies and lets go find out whats in store for us today!

Today's DIY is.... Chocolate Chip Cookies

So you're like, "OH great! Chocolate Chip Cookies! How boring...bye-bye to DIY Week..." Well hopefully you're not like that, and I'm sure you'll at least like one DIY this week.

So let's move on to figuring out how you do this.

What you will need: 

 A Glue Stick

   Anything to measure a circle with.


Two colors of foam: Tan and Dark Brown

So now what do you do?
Step 1: Make a imprint on the tan foam with your circular object 
Step 2: Cut it out

Step 3: Cut a thin strip of Dark Brown foam

Step 4: Cut the thin strip into pieces

Step 5: Apply glue onto your 'cookie'

Step 6: Sprinkle the 'chips' onto the cookie

Step 7: Let it dry.

Eureka! You have a cookie for your doll!

 Esther loves cookies and can't wait to eat them! Tell us if you made it for your doll! (we won't take it as a offense if you didn't) haha lol

We hope you enjoyed this DIY and tune in for another one tomorrow!



  1. Awesome! Can't wait for more:)

  2. BTW, I'm going t make this, except chocolate chips made out of a Sharpie marker:-)

    1. Awesome! Be sure to share the link with me when you do!

  3. Cool! Do you think cardboard/thick paper would work for this? My dolls want cookies but I'm out of foam!

  4. I love it! Im inspired to make my own cookies!


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