DIY Week

Hey guys!

So a long LONG LONG time ago, I only had like two followers I think...This blog used to be HappyCraftStudios. Yup. But then I started posting more and more about dolls, so I turned this blog in to a doll blog. And now it is...Onedolloutthere!

Anyhow, I was thinking, if this blog used to be a craft blog, why not post some crafts on it?

So now here I am, with a idea in mind. DIY week! Wouldn't it be fun? A Do-it-Yourself week?

So I have a ll the pictures taken and let it roll!

It will {officially} start two to three days from today, and end a week from that.

In fact I've even made a chart in all the crafts. (It'll get updated everyday..)

All right so, get ready and get out your craft supplies for a week of fun crafting stuff!!!!!

Inspiration for this? My awesome blogger buddy...check her out...I command ye....

P.S. Got a craft request? Ask away! Hey I still do Doll DIY'S! I haven't changed that much just changing the blog name!


  1. I can't wait! Feel free to ask me for ideas! My dolls are gonna be so excited!

  2. You got awarded!


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