DIY Week #3

Wow! It's been a success all week so far! All of your sweet comments make feel really happy about this! Thank you SOOOO much!!

Moving on to today's DIY....

 Today we will learn how to make..... A Doll-Sized Clipboard!

 What you will need:

~Cardboard (not the thick kind. Just cut up a old cereal box, it works!)
~Notebook paper 
~Binder Clip (black works too!)

How to make it

 Cut the size of the clipboard that you'll want on the cardboard. This goes by the size of your doll, I would recommend just estimating.

This is how it ought to be.

Then fold your notebook paper sheet in half. Lay your cardboard on it and cut out 3 rectangles/squares/ etc. that fit on your cardboard.


Then you'll want to attach the binder clip to secure the notebook paper and the cardboard together.

Ta-da! A brand new clipboard for your doll to carry around!

Did you like it? What did you think? Will you make it? 


  1. Hmmm...I habe some great ideas for embellishing this! BTW, I made the cookies:)

    1. Yeah, I thought of that, but I decided just to make a basic one for the DIY.


  2. The Answers to your questions! :)

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    1. Thank you so much! This will be up sometime!


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