DIY Week #4

Howdy! It's time for another DIY for DIY week! Have you all been enjoying this series? Well, I hope you did and will continue to!

Today we will learn how to make...A Doll-Sized Frame!

A frame can add so much more feeling to you dollhouse. What this tuorial will teach you to make is just practically a frame. What you can do is print a picture of your doll and add it behind the frame and then add it to your dollhouse or any wall! Let's see how to make this, shall we?

What you will need:

- 4 Giant Popsicle Sticks
- Hot glue gun
- Spray Paint 

How to make it

 Lay one Popsicle stick on top of another one, and glue it into place. Repeat for all the others.

The completed product! 

Is that a guilty grin I see on Esther's face? lol

Sorry for a kind of lame DIY.  But it is kind of nice, if you're thinking about it in the same way I am...haha....


  1. Cool craft! I did something like this, except I used sticks from my backyard and it was person sized! I'll make this!


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