I Am A Doll (ep. 2)

Hey guys! It's time for another episode of I Am A Doll by Esther!

Last time...

Grace leaned over and whispered something in Esther's ear.
"NOOO!" Esther screamed.

Episode 2

"I'm really sorry, Esther. Dad's new job is really good for the family, but it'll break my heart to leave too."
"I don't know how I'll live without any of my friends here. You two were my only friends left here!" Esther sobbed.
Jenna looked at Grace with pleading eyes what to do next.
"Ohhhh, what will I do?" Esther cried again.
"Hey, Esther, look on the bright side. Maybe the humans that'll move into the house we live in will have dolls like us too. Then you can make a new friend!" Jenna said hopefully.
"Maybe." Esther stopped crying.
Just then a whirr reached their ears.
"Quick!" Esther ordered. "Everybody in the house, humans are back!"
 The three dolls stood up and ran as fast as they could into the house. They raced for the humans bedroom where Esther was kept. Esther quickly crawled into the bed, said a hurried good-bye to her friends and shooed them out the window. As she laid stone-still on the bed, she thought sadly about the move that was about to take place for her friends. They were leaving tomorrow. On such short notice as well. Oh well, at least she wouldn't have to move.
Just then human came in the room, "Doesn't look too bad in here. Guess I can go out with my friends."
Esther grinned. Human couldn't even have guessed what an adventure she had had that day!


To find out how Esther will react to the move, keep on watching for Episode 3! And don't hesitate to ask for your doll to be included as a character!


  1. Your writing shows a lot of personality. :) It reminds me of Toy Story, sort of! Hailee told me to comment and say that she wanted to be in the story.... selfish little girl. ;) JK

    1. Thank you!

      Aww..Hailee...it's not overly selfish..i think i can put you in too..


  2. I really like your writing skills. You inspire me to write my own story. I think I'll start now! Haha you rock Autumn! You truly are awesome!

    1. OK, you are so sweet. I...(me? the one who's books hardly make sense??) inspired YOU (the amazing blogger bestie of mine)to write a story?

      Uh..well.. thanks???


  3. Ps- Congrats on 31 followers! You deserve it!


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