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Hi guys! It's time for this week's edition of Sunday Dollpaper!!!

Here's what it says if you can't read it:

Blog Designing Tips (Part 1)

Title says it all. This week (and who knows how many more?) we will be giving you a few FREE tips and ideas on how to make your blog look like a pros!

 And yes, we will be redoing this blog as well soon. Oh and I almost forgot! I am hosting a blog design giveaway at My Doll Crafts and More! So if you think your blog needs redone and don't have the time or want to do it, enter and you just might win one!  Please enter! ~Autumn and Esther Onedolloutthere ODOT

OK. So now let's continue.

So we'll be covering the basics, then continuing toward the gadgets that are there mainly for a little spark.


Headers add so much feel and effect on your blog.They can describe the person you are, the type of blog you run, or just the plain old name of your blog!

Are headers at the top of most blogs?

Yes, usually. But at this blog, it's not. But it still looks great!  As I said before, it depends on the person you are!

How can you make a header?

Well, you can really in depth and make it look really nice. But I'm not going to go into all that work now. I'll just give you a basic tutorial on how to do this.

 Get a plain color. (as a image, JPG is the best) 
 Then go over to Picmonkey.  
  Find an effect that'll make your plain image look really cool.
 OR head over to Fotoflexer Both are virus free and really nice.
  Then on both photo editors, there a wide variety of fonts.  Choose the font you like best.
 Type in the header name. 
 Choose a color.
 Save image.
Ta-da! A basic header! You can of course add more effects here and there to make it glow, but this was the basic. 

Background .

I cannot tell you how important the background is to your blog.  Sometimes I see a blog that has this bright BRIGHT background and you can hardly ever see the actual blog. I really prefer a plain white background, but I love design-y ones too. Like I have for this blog.

The "Followers" Gadget

The followers gadget is very common around blogs. It's a very nice gadget overall. You get more views on your blog as the followers get up, because your posts directly go to their blogger dashboard. Isn't it so cool?

Want to set it up  and don't  know how? Follow these steps and have it installed today!

 Go to your blogger dashboard.
 Choose your blog.
 Go to Layout.
 Click "add Gadget"
 Go to "More Gadgets" on the side
 Scroll down. Choose "Followers" Or something like that.
 Follow the steps.
 Ta-da! A Followers gadget!


Pages are very common. They can be found at the top  of a blog. On the side. As buttons. Everywhere! What exactly are they? Well, they'll direct you to another page on your blog where you can have specific stuff. Isn't it cool?

Of you want to make it look really cool. What you  can do is have words on a image, then go to this website and make links for each word, then put it as  HTML, it's so cool! (Thanks to Anna for helping me find it!)


I hope everyone found this part of Blog Designing Tips helpful. Comment below and follow!

Talk to you all later!


  1. Thanks Autumn! I am in the process of making a new header, and these tips really helped me out!

  2. also you could use more "professional editors." picmonkey doesn't cut it sometimes with the limited amount of fonts. :)

    x Emma


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