I can't believe it. Like seriously, school is starting really really soon. It's hard to believe. It seems like school only let out last week. *sigh* oh well, I guess I should look on the bright side. I can't believe what grade I'm going to...*I'm there already?* It's crazy.


There's a bad thing for you guys.

My posting schedule will change. I'll have a lot more work and responsibility, not just playing on the computer. But one good thing is it's soon gonna be winter, then  I won't have as much work, but I'll still have school. So this blogs posting schedule will change, but the times I do post will hopefully be interesting. So below is what the new posting schedule should look like.

New School Schedule for ODOT

Monday- Blog of the Week
Tuesday-No Post
Wednesday- Whatever I want to
Thursday- No Post
Friday-Whatever I feel like
Saturday-Whatever I feel like
Sunday-Sunday Dollpaper

OK, so that's my new schedule. ^^^^up there^^^^ Now that's how I;m having it now. It's possible that when I get into school and see how everything is, that the schedule might change. I'll let you know about that.

So what do you think of it. Only a couple days I'll be off, and when it says, "Whatever I want to OR Whatever I feel like" I just mean, whatever I feel like posting. 

 Now let's move on to more pleasant matters, *makes face.humph. you decide for yourself*  So you think I've forgotten about my summer movie? Well, I haven't. In fact, it's one of the process. So it should come soon, but it might not be as extravagant and nice as Basilmentos' Midsummer Magic. {Didn't you see it yet? YOU HAVE TO! IT'S AMAZING!}  But 'll do my best.

So yeah, on Friday or sometime I'll have another exciting post planned out for you guys.

So anyhow, what shall I type next?


Oh yeah, you have to ask me questions for my Q&A! I haven't gotten any questions... *sad face* so ask away! Right here

well, I guess I should go, but I have a important question for you guys.

On my Pinterest, (please go check it out and follow!) shall I make a board for dolls? Or maybe, "Esther's" board? I don't know, it's just an idea, but tell me what you think!


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