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OK, so this is going to be a fairly long post. Get prepared. 

So, first off, who's turn is it to be blog of the week?

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So last thing, remember a bit ago when I and this awesome girl had a contest? Well, we have the results!! 

So please remember the prizes are.....

1st place- Posters signed by the dolls! (The Doll Crafters) and will get to choose first out of the other three options listed below
2nd place- Autographed pics of the dogs! (the Doll Crafters) and will get to choose second out the other three options listed below
3rd place- Virtual Interview! (the Doll Crafters) and will get whatever is left out of the three options listed below.

The three prizes I'll be giving

Doll Posters OR Guest Post
Blog Design and/or Blog Award
Interview OR getting featured on my blog

OK, ready to move on to the winners? Well, I'm so glad you all decided to participate and here they are!! *drumroll please*

1- Dollygirl

Congratulations, girls!! And here are their entries:

My Life As A Doll
By Dollygirl
I was in dreamland, a magical unicorn picked me up and-"BUZZZZZZZZZ!" oh no, it was that stupid alarm clock for the humans, it always woke me up too. I heard shouts of "Come on, we have to get the concert early to get tickets!" and "Alright, alrighttttttt I'm coming..."! I was scooped up, given a quick hug, and the footsteps retreated down the stairs. I heard the door slam shut. Wait a second...did this mean I was...HOME ALONE?! I opened one eye to check. All clear, no humans! I sprang out of the cardboard box with the mini quilt that was my bed, and ran to the window. The car was driving away! I was alone! I ran to the end of the Big Bed and with a lot of effort managed to pull the lid off of a Rubbermaid box. I yanked it onto the landing, and put it at the top of the stairs! I cautiously sat down, then I gave myself a little push! Down I flew, going faster then the speed of light! I landed with a thud at the foot of the stairs, and ran into the kitchen for something to eat. Ick, they really needed to go shopping! Oh well, I'd just make pancakes. The pancakes were a little tricky to make, but I managed to make a couple and get everything cleaned up. I ate the delicious pancakes, they were heavenly! But then, I heard a car door slam. I gasped, and stuffed the rest of my pancake in my mouth. I grabbed the Rubbermaid lid and dragged it up the stairs. I threw it on quickly, and flopped down into my bed. Wow, I had made it. And just in time too, I heard footsteps approaching...I smiled to myself as I thought about what a wonderful morning I  had had!

My Life as a Doll
By: TL. Do not take any information from this story without permission from author.
It was a chilly August morning. I pulled the blankets all the way up to my chin.
"Why did she have to dress me in summer PJ's. I would have liked to be dressed in warm PJ's." I thought.
I started to sit up. I was very quiet. I didn't want to wake my owner up. Suddenly, the door creaked open. I lied back down in bed and turned on my side. I opened my eyes just a little to see what was going on.
"Mia, time to get up." Said a soft voice.
Mia slowly raised out of bed, "O.K, mom."
They walked out of the room.  I knew what they were doing. I just had to wait 30 minutes until they leave for school.
1 minute...........................
7 minutes........................
16 minutes.......................
27 minutes.....................
30 minutes..................
I heard the door slam in the kitchen.
"Time to get up!!!!!!" A voice yelled.
I almost fell out of bed. "Jenna! You scared me!"
"Sorry," Jenna said. 
I rolled out of bed. Which is a little hard when you are sleeping on the top bunk.
Roll, Roll, Roll,
This time, I really did fall out of bed.

"Ouch!" I said.

I got up. I ran to the closet. Knowing Jenna, she would take a year finding an outfit.

I got into the Casual Chic Outfit. I laid  Saige's PJ's on my bed.

"Should I wear The Easy Breeze Outfit or Saige's Tunic Outfit?" asked Jenna.

"Easy Breeze," I answered.

"Maybe I should wear something else....." Jenna responded.

I left the room. I wanted to explore the house.

First, I explored my owner's room. It was easy to get there because I just had to leave the doll house. She had a huge bed!
I tried to get on the bed.

1st try........... Fell
2nd try.........Fell

Well, third time's the charm, Right?

3rd try..............Almost Fell

I tried to pull my self up till I could get a good foot grip.

Finally I got up. It was bigger than I expected! I started jumping up and down. Up and Down. Up and Down.

Then I had a crazy idea.

I went to the other side of the bed, got a running start and jumped off the side of the bed.

"I am Super Dollie!" I yelled.


I hit the ground. It hurt, a lot.

I got up. Even though I was hurting, I went to the other bedroom. I didn't do much here. It looked exactly the same as her room.

 I walked down a long hallway.

For humans, it wouldn't be so long. But for a doll, it is like you are taking a walk around the whole world.

Finally I went into a room.
It had a tub, sink, and so much other things.

"What is this room?" I asked myself. "Is this the bathroom?"

I decided to leave. It looked like there was a lot of water in some places and being a doll, water is something you are very scared of.

Next I went to a room that had a bunch of food every where! It smelled so good. I guessed that this is the kitchen.

"Ruff!!!! Ruff!!!! Ruff!!!!" barked something.

I screamed as loud as I could. I ran into the living room. I hid behind a table next to the couch.

Then I remembered.

Mia's family just got a new puppy. It was in a crate so I must of just walked in front of it.


I about jumped 50 feet in the air!
Once i was back on the ground I looked around. Then I saw a phone vibrating.

Some one must be calling.

With all my might I tried to get up there.

1st try............Fell
2nd try.............Fell

Well, last time I got it on the third try, right?

3rd try............. Made it!

I pressed a button on the phone.

"Hello?" Said someone.
"Who's there?" I asked.
"Mia is that you? It's Aunt Lucy." replied Aunt Lucy.
"Um, yeah its me." I said.
"I was wondering if your mother can watch my little puppy, Kaylee." Aunt Lucy asked.
"Sure." I responded.
"Ok bye!" Aunt Lucy said.
"Bye!" I said.

I didn't know what I just did.

Just then I heard a car pull into the drive way.

I hopped off the table. Ran out of the living room, through the kitchen, down the hallway, passed the bathroom and a bedroom, and finally made it to the doll house.

"Jenna! Jenna! Mia is back!" I yelled.
"I know. She always comes back at 3:00" Jenna said.

I ran up the stairs and got into my PJ's. Luckily, I didn't take out my hair.

Jenna and I got back into bed.

We could hear the voices in the kitchen.

"Who wants a snack?" Mia's Mom, Mrs. Kay asked.
"Me!" My replied.
"Me to!" Said Mia's little sister, Gwen.

Then, Mia walked into her bedroom.

She played with us until it was night.

Then she put us to bed.

"Good night." she said with a smile.

In my head, I was telling her good night too.

Thank you for reading my story!

What was your favorite part?


 My Life as a Doll

I opened one eye. Darkness. I strained to hear anything, and was lucky.
"Hurry or we'll be late for the movie!" I heard a girl shout. The door slammed, and silence followed.
"All clear! I shouted, and then ran to my friends.
"Finally! My legs were getting jumpy!" Said the always energetic Alyssa. "Hey, how about we have a party?" She added.
"Um, I don't think so. How about a walk?" Hannah, suggested, looking out the window.
"A walk would be great!" I said happily, and we all ran outside.

We spent an hour playing tag and hide n seek. Then after that hour, we stopped to rest.
Chrissa, who was always up for a conversation, rolled onto her stomach and started talking about how our owner was going to start school soon, and that we'd have tons of free time.
"I don't know about you, but I love summer. We are not cooped up all the time, and instead, owner takes out and it's so much fun to be in photoshoots!" Alyssa said happily, getting up and cartwheeling on the lawn.
"But you guys are lucky. You can at least whisper when owner is at home. I have to sit silently in my room unless she takes me out." I said, and Julie nodded sympathetically.
"We should get going. It's getting late." She added, glancing at her watch, and so we all got up and headed towards the house.
As the girls laughed at some joke Chrissa had just come up with, I looked at the deep blue sky and closed my eyes. I took a breath, letting the fresh summer air fill my lungs. Then I opened my eyes again, and took another step, letting the soft breeze make my hair flutter. I smiled to myself.
Maybe I was a doll and all, but life was good. I couldn't argue with that!
Over and out,
Saige Copeland

Woah....they were all awesome, right?  So, anyways, winners, please comment below on what you want from my list. Dollygirl first, and so on.

So thanks for entering!!


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