Sorry about that!

Hi everyone! Sorry about the last DIY, I don't have the pictures, (I need to upload them) it'll be here tomorrow or the day after that.

 You will NEVER believe how busy I am. Seriously. I seriously understand why homework is an annoying frustration thing. Argghh Yeah, I don't know what to do.

 So I am going to have a new posting schedule... and here it is!!

Monday-No Post
Tuesday-Blog of the Week
Wednesday-No Post
Sunday-Sunday Dollpaper

Look good? Sorry if I'm disappointing you, but yeah...

Anyways, I want to have a few good posts planned out.
It's weird. Yesterday I didn't log on the whole day simply because I didn't have time and what do you know? I came today and there's like a million things I need to do on here. So yeah....I'm sorry...posts will get better....and bye-bye for now....

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