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Questions & Answers

Q. When did you get Esther?
Are you planning to get an american girl doll?
How long have you had dolls and how long do you thing you will?
The Doll Crafters 
A I'm not sure of the exact year, but I was pretty young!
Perhaps, and perhaps not. It all depends on how my life turns out. AHHH!
Um, probably for around four years. I don't know! Hopefully for a long time yet though :)

Q How long have you been blogging?
Do any friends know about your blog?
A.  Um, it will be a year very shortly...
Sadly, only two and they've really even checked them out, so....

Q.Why and when did you want to start a blog?
Claire M.
A.  Well, a lot of AGTubers had blogs, so I got inspired to start one :)
I've been on since November 2012.. (Wow! I've gotten so far in one year! THANK YOU!!!!)

Q.What made you want to start blogging?
 What is your favorite random thing to say/Do?
Layla W.
A. Well, I saw a lot of AGTubers had them so I wanted to. 
To say? I have wayyy too many things! One would be: I am so..! 
To do? I have a lot of that too! I don't know....

Q.  What dolls are on your wish list?
Do you have any pets?
What is your favorite doll accessory (you have and don't have)?
A. Um, a couple of the AG dolls I'd say...
Yes, I have a few goats, a bird, and thats it! 
I don't have? Well, I don't have all the accessories out there, so I don't really know! 
I have? Probably the DIY stuff I made myself :)  

Thanks so much guys! 
And now- Another part of I am a Doll  

Last time.... 
They were leaving tomorrow. On such short notice as well. Oh well, at least she wouldn't have to move.
Just then human came in the room, "Doesn't look too bad in here. Guess I can go out with my friends."
Esther grinned. Human couldn't even have guessed what an adventure she had had that day!

Episode 3

The sunset was beautiful. Esther leaned back against the gnarled old tree and sighed contentedly. Jenna and Grace had left. It was sad, yet Esther was excited for the new neighbors. She had heard human say that the new human who was close to her age had three dolls. Esther couldn't wait to see them. She wondered what they would be like. Would they be funny and kind? Mean and angry? Shy and quiet? Esther couldn't wait. 

 It was nearly a week later before Esther got a chance to go to the new neighbors. It was laundry day, and Esther was placed on the couch. She couldn't move, for fear Human would notice.  Finally the laundry was done and she heard Human say, "I'm going to my room to read a book. OK?" Great! Esther quietly told herself. She slipped off the couch and out the door. There she headed for human's skateboard. She hopped on, took  her free hand, and gave herself  a mighty push. She went whizzing past the cars and down the lane. The wind zipped past her fiercely, but it felt good. Upon her arrival at the new neighbors, she gathered up her courage, went to the door and knocked. She waited a few more minutes, and when still no one came, she knocked again. Slowly the door creaked open, and six eyes stared at her. 
"Who are you?" They asked in unison. 
Esther tried to smile. "I'm Esther, your new neighbor. Do you want to be friends?" She crossed her fingers and whispered a prayer. 
The door opened wider and she was greeted with three smiles. 
"We're the Sanders sisters. Molly, Sam, and Kit. We'd be glad to be your friends!" 
Esther smiled and gave a sigh of relief. 

To find out what happened to Esther and the Sanders sisters, stay tuned for Episode 4! And don't hesitate to ask if your doll can play a part in the story! 



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