Countdown to Christmas: December 23

Gasp. Choke. Gasp. Christmas is only two days away. WHAT? This year has flown on wings, don't you think? Well, I had school today and I have a half day tomorrow. *Sigh* Most schools let out last Friday, so this is quite maddening to me, but I do get out earlier than most schools in my area. Anyways, today I was thinking, what if I had forgotten to give one of my friends a gift? What would I give them? Well, welcome to one of the last C2C's! This one we'll be learning the perfect way to get the right gift for your friend. This simple and quick DIY is really simple ans quick and I hope you enjoy!(picture credit: Pinterest & Google Images)


You will need: 
A plain mug. DO NOT GO EXPENSIVE. One at the Dollar store will work just fine. 
Sharpie Markers

 Step 1: Go crazy! Decorate your mug however you please!

Step 2: Bake in the oven at 350° Fareinheit for 30 minutes.

And then you're done! I hope you enjoyed this quick DIY and definitely try it out! It's amazing! 


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