Countdown to Christmas: December 9

Sorry about the font blurriness ^^^^ It just went that way when I posted it.

 Anyhow, on my last post, I got a few *COUGH* requests for the video I had. Well, tell you what, I'll make another better video for you guys. OK? I'll try to have it ready by this weekend, but I'm not promising anything. Anyways, today's C2C post is about holiday shopping :)

 I know how stressful it can be to go holiday shopping. Everywhere you go you are literally pressured by all these stores to 'buy more! buy more!' but really, do we need it? Or are we just buying it to give something to our friends and family at Christmas? I like to go holiday shopping a lot! It's fun to go to the mall and purchase small things that I know would make my friends and family smile. But stores just never seem to be satisfied. Constantly coming out with new things, you wonder if you'll ever have enough things for your family. So you build up a wall of worry. Christmas morning, everyone opens their presents and loves the things you give them. Why did I worry? I know how it is. So today I actually plan to do a bit of online shopping for the holidays before going to bed, so I thought this post would be appropriate. Let's get started!

This is a girl's gift guide, but you can instantly change it to suit for a guy as well.

The girly-girl

So you have a friend who's all about fashion, makeup, beauty, and having the perfect room. What can you give her? 

  • A cute little makeup palette. 
  • Perfume and body lotions. 
  • A little decorated throw pillow. (Trust me!)
  • Light jewelry 
  • A gift card to her favorite store. 
 A cute little makeup palette. Whoa. Nuff said. How much more complicated could this get? Right now stuff like this would actually be more on sale. Personally I would get items like this online, but you can get it at stores too. You can get her her favorite brand to that new eyeshadow kit she's had her eye on lately. Depending on the brand and what is in it, you could get it as cheap as four bucks or less!
Perfume and body lotions. This is another great idea. Bath and Body Works is where I would go. In fact, I want to get some of their holiday scents for myself so it should be perfect timing! But this would seriously make any girly-girl jump up and down! No kidding :)
A little decorated throw pillow. Yep. Trust me. You could get this for a dollar at Dollar Tree. These are super cute and any girl would love them! She could throw this anywhere in her room, so it would make an amazing gift!
Light jewelry . You can get her so much! Any jewelry store would carry the right style for your BFF :) Plus, I would get something Christmas-y as well.
A gift card to her favorite store. Does this need to be explained?

I hope you enjoyed this :) Tomorrow I'll have the next part up:D
Well, better go start shopping!


  1. That is so helpful! :) I was wondering what to get for my sister but now I now exactly what! :D



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