Countdown to Christmas: December 10


Aren't you so excited? Christmastime is finally here! In less that twenty days :) So today I'll be continuing my mini series on how to get your friend the perfect gift for her:)

the 'tomboy' girl
Your friend is not a girly-girl. She is totally into being boyish and hated standing in the same position for one minute. What do you give her?
  • Headphones or a phone case.
  • Voucher to her fave store.
  • Skateboard (?) 
  • Sports-related items (?)
  • Money
 Headphones or a phone case. This is a simple idea if your friend loves music. Or if she's a technology geek. XD These aren't that expensive, and she'll love to add another one to her collection. 
Voucher to her fave store. This is an amazing idea. If you're stuck the night before Christmas, this is your best bet. Plus, personally I love vouchers  because they let me choose rather than being stuck with something. 
Skateboard (?) The question mark is for this: there are so many different kinds of tomboys. So if your friend's the sporty type, or the one who'll be at the park skateboarding on Saturday afternoon, go for it :) 
Sports-related items (?) As said above, there are different types of tomboys. So if your friend is into basketball, then maybe you would want to get her that basketball she's had her eye on. 
Money. This is the way to go, girl. Any girl loves money, and if you give to your BFF, what will she put it in? Her "savings" *cough* fund. 

I hope you enjoyed this episode! Keep watching for tomorrow's episode! 

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