Countdown to Christmas: Decmber 11

Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this mini series, but however, we have to stop it now. Go ahead, cry. Just kidding. This series wasn't that special, but I am stopping it today.

So today we will be talking about the last two kinds of girls. (Well, that I decided to do for this series)

The casual girl & the entertainment lover

The casual girl

  • A mug or any cup .
  • Knit hat & (or) gloves.
  • Christmas movie.
  • Candle.
  • Fuzzy socks.
 A mug or any cup . OK, this is something amazing any girl would love :) You can give them to your friend to keep her hot cocoa or coffee in. Plus, don't worry, they're not that expensive! Wal-Mart and Target are amazing places to get lovely little things like this! (Target = DE BEST SHOPPING PLACE)
Knit hat & (or) gloves. This is something you can almost never go wrong on. These are so cute and they keep you really warm so this is a perfect gift idea if you're going late holiday shopping, Again, Target or Wal-Mart would be great.
Christmas movie. This is a great idea as well. Get her her favorite movie that she watches every holiday season (or even in summertime) and she'll love you to pieces :) Or that new on she's had her eye on lately. You know!
Candle. This is a simple, sweet idea. You can go for the bigger ones at Bath and Body or Target or the smaller ones.
Fuzzy socks. I you know anything about me, you should know on of my obsessions. FUZZY SOCKS.  They are amazing and amazing and amazing and amazing and amazing. My friends will definitely be getting these this Christmas. They keep your feet warm as you work around the house, and if you need to grab something at the store quickly, you can slip your boots right over these and still stay warm!

I hope you enjoyed that!  Now let's move on to the -

 The entertainment/music lover

  • Phone cases
  • Gloves (touchscreen compatible)
  • Headphones
  • Calendar (read below)
 Phone cases You can never really go wrong on these. They are super cute and affordable.
Gloves (touchscreen compatible). If your friend is an iPhone lover, this gift is perfect! You can get these as cheap as $3 or less, so I am definitely getting these for my friends!
Headphones. These are so cute! Mine are Beats, and I know those are on the higher end, but you can get ones that are just as cute for less. I especially love the ones with designs on the sides XD
Calendar (read below). This is another super amazing idea. If your friend, for example, loves One Direction, then you can get her a 1D calender. OR, you can get her merchandise from her favorite band as well.

So I hope you enjoyed my gift guides! Comment down below if these helped you and which ones did :)
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