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Happy New Years! I hope you are having an amazing day, and right now I hope I make it even better! So today I'm going to be telling you guys my thoughts on Isabelle and her collection. I probably won't go over the other stuff AG put out. But anyway, I really love sharing my thoughts on stuff from AG, though I don't have anything from them. *sigh* But I hope you enjoy this post; don't forget to comment what your thoughts are, and let's get onto the review!

 Isabelle Doll and Book- $120
 eww... the quality is horrible. Anyways, I personally, think Isabelle is a nice doll as far as looks, but AG has a lot of dolls with the same look, so I honestly don't really like her that much. I mean, if I won her in a contest or something, sure I'll take it, but  I think $120 for a doll like this is a little unreasonable.

 Isabelle's Pajamas- $24
 Her PJ's are cute, but I don't think they're much of a staple piece. But I love that it comes with a headband.

Isabelle's Metallic Dress- $34
I think this outfit is really unique and cute, but I don't think I like it enough that I would go ahead and buy it. 

 Isabelle's Performance Set- $38

 Isabelle's Leg Warmers Set- $12

Ahhhh, these are so freaking adorable! 

 Isabelle's Dance Skirt- $12

I actually might think about getting this :)

 Isabelle's Funky Leggings- $12

Aww, these are so cute! I really want a pair right now :) 

Isabelle's Scrunch Pants- $12
These are OK.

 Isabelle's Sparkly Skort- $12

It's cute!

 Isabelle's Coral Sweater- $14

I really want to buy this! It's soooooo cute :) 
Isabelle's Wrap Sweater- $14

Cute, but I don't think I'll buy.
 Isabelle's Practice Top- $8

Are you OK, AG? 
 Isabelle's Tutu- $14


 Isabelle's Kitten- $22

I think she looks like something for a baby toy. I don't really like her.
 Isabelle's Dance Barre- $65

A little too overpriced, plus you could make your own. 
 Isabelle's Studio- $275

I've never really liked these things, and they're wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too overpriced. 

Isabelle Starter Collection-$259

No. 1. This hardly has anything compared to Saige. No. 2. It's basically 300 dollars! You expect me to give that much to you for that??
   Isabelle's Accessories- $30

<3 a="" be="" but="" get="" i="" it="" jacket="" little="" love="" may="" nbsp="" overpriced="" p="" really="" set="" that="" this="" to="" want="">
Isabelle's Dance Case- $44

I'm sure you could purchase one for a far less price. 


Isabelle's Rosette Leotard-$10


Isabelle's Purple Leotard- $12

Cute  :)

So that was what I thought about Isabelle, what are your thoughts? Will you be buying her?


  1. My favorite thing is the coral sweater. I am going to try to save up for her because I do like her.

    1. I love the coral sweater! You should if you do!

  2. I'm going to get Isabelle, but most of her collection is kind of cheesy.... I like a few outfits and I think I'll get the coral sweater for myself if I start ballet again like I want to.

  3. Opinions are pretty close to yours. :) About that script. I a Totaly and completely stuck! :( I might have to start over........ :/ The reson I am stuck is because I can't decide who or what is trying to streal a gem/necklase. Any ideas?

    1. Yeah...

      That's fine... That sounds exciting! A thief? Hmm... well if you're going really deep it could be a doll ,but if you're going the comedy route maybe her dog or something? Just a thought, and if you have to start over, that's totally fine! Take your time :)


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