Hello everyone :) I hope you are having an amazing day!  Today, the last day of 2013, I wanted to kind of do a recap on the blog over this past year. I've grown in a lot of ways; this year has had it's ups and downs. Thank you all so much for helping me grow on this blog and I hope the coming year will bring many blessings as well. So right now I'm going to do a recap over this year, but it's more like a history lesson on Onedolloutthere. Oh, and comment below if you HATE history! I do! (Claire, you kind of inspired this. In the way I'm doing the recap. Hope you don't mind :)


So for the top two pictures, the post I put them in was one where  I did a 'what I think of'  of a whole bunch of things from AG, including Saige and her collection! Check it out here! For the bottom two pictures, I did a post on a doll sized desk and easel I made. Check it out here! This month I also broke my "old" camera. But I got a new one!


So this month was my 'drag' month. I only did one post, and then I was gone for a month. You can check out the one post I did here!


So the only picture I could find was this. It's just a random collage I made. But I posted about Palm Sunday, you can read about that here. I also posted some inspirational songs that helped me, so you can see those here :)


So April was a rather busy month. I suggested starting Sunday Dollpaper, started it and had two segments. First segment was Esther (you can read it here) and second was Claire from Carrot and Claire. You can read her's here. Then I did a review on the Camping Set from My Life. Then I did several photoshoots, and the one (bottom row you'll see two pictures from it) it seemed so summerish I absolutely loved it! Then I also did a doll sized iPhone tutorial. You can learn how to do this DIY here! At the end of the month, I took a small break to grow closer to God in my Christian life. 


So in May I got out of school! Yippee! So i started a series called Fun Friday, plus I did a lot more Sunday Dollpapers. One in which I featured Dollygirl. I also made an award for the people who were featured to take.  I did a post about the rain. LOL. I also had my first contest! It's closed now, but if you want to see the post, here's the link!


So for June, I had a bunch of fun! The top left picture is when I did a guess-it. The next one is actually for a photo contest over at AGA, where I entered that photo! Then I also did a very fun photoshoot, which you can view here! Then I also did a review on a bunch of things AG had put out.  I also did a Fun Friday video which is here.


So in July, I collaberated with the Doll Crafters and hosted a contest. I also FINALLY got around to getting Dally her award for the Doll Guessit. Plus, I posted some of my old inspirational songs. Check it out here! Also this!At then end of July, I took a small break.


AAAHHH! School started! Oh well... So first of all, I came back from break and started this series, I am a Doll, which is a story series. You may read the first part here! Then I did a what dolls I would want from AG post. VIEW HERE.  After that, I started DIY week. You can view most of them here.


This month I had a very stressful time. It was the first month of getting back into school, and I was so freaking busy. I actually quit this blog because I had lost all inspiration as well. That's why there are literally no pictures. Earlier I had promised to quit but you guys sent all these sweet comments so I decided not to. But in September I got so stressed I just quit. But thanks to you guys, it wasn't very long till I realized I loved this blog- a lot. So I'm back and happier than ever! 

This month I was kind of getting back into blogging, so there were only like 4 posts in all. But I was just a happy duckling that month. LOL.


So November was amazing! I think I regained the trust of you guys. So I did a quick turkey DIY on Thanksgiving which you can view here. I also made a post on what I think of GOTY 2014, but I guess we'll see her face to face tomorrow! I also showed you guys some doll sized sandals that I made for Esther. I think they got pretty amazing! You can see the pictures here! I celebrated on year of blogging as well!


We're going current now! I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to you guys for everything and how this blog has turned out. I also have God to credit for that as well :) So as many of you know,I had a series going (which I wasn't very faithful at) called Countdown To Christmas. So if you're new here, here are the links for all of them HERE  HERE AND HERE. (all the here's are different links so click on each one individually.) Anyways, so the four smaller pictures in the collage are from C2C, but the picture of Esther is from a recent photo shoot. 

So I hope you guys enjoyed this recap. This post was hard to make and it would be appreciated if you would comment :) *hint* Anyways, have a awesome New Years Day, and I will see you guys next year! 
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  1. That's awesome! You had a great year!

  2. What a cool recap! Let's hope 2014 is even better then 2013 has been!

  3. YAY! I'm glad I inspired you!!

  4. I'm glad you had a good 2013. I didn't, but I learned a lot. I guess it was my "learning to write" year, and 2014 will be my "action and plot year" in writing terms.

    1. Thank you :) Yes, it did it have it's ups and downs, but I hope to make 2014 the best year yet <3


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