Valentine's Day DIY Week #1

Hello lovely doll-lovers! Today I'm SO SO SO SO times a gajillion excited to share with you something I've been working on for the past couple of days. Today I'm going to be showing you one easy (and I mean EASY) DIY to make your doll's room a little more valentine-y. So thankfully I can pretty much guarantee that I'll have one every day of this week since I already made everything, took all the pictures, and uploaded them to my computer. So even if I'm so tired I don't feel like posting, all I need to do is drag out the pictures and BAM BAM BAM *TYPE TYPE* AND POST!!!!! Yeah.....about the Caps Lock.....

So let's see how I decorated Esther's room corner....

twas'nt a great idea to edit it on PicMonkey...

Today we're going to see how to make the heart wall plaques. And may I say something? This thing is so so so simple (that I bet you already know how to make it by just glancing at it) that it technically should not even be a DIY, but let me have an exception, please?

 Isn't it so cute?

Light Pink Foam or foam color of your choice
Pink and Purple Sharpies 

 Step 1: Cut out the pink foam into hearts. I actually drew a heart on a piece of cardboard, cut it out, traced it onto the foam, and then cut it out.

 Step 2: GO CRAZY! Get the artist inside of you and draw.... So I actually took my sharpies and made little dashes all around the hearts to look like "stitching". I also drew various shapes and colors of hearts on it.

Your doll is definitely going to love this!


  1. Awww, those are so cute! I'm so excited! XD

    1. Thank you a ton!
      (I just uh uh realized how weird that sounded)

  2. Great idea!!!



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