Valentines Day DIY Week #5

[ Heloooo! So, today we're at the last DIY for this week, which is kind of amazing! This is literally the first series that I've kept at posted every day I was supposed to. Like, unbelievable. Kind of strange yet so sweet. (excuse me, Autumn?) Anyways, so today I have the last DIY for you all. A card! Also, Claire did a post on how to make one too, so check it out here! Also as a disclaimer, I didn't intend to copycat her :) so enjoy and comment which DIY was your favorite out of all the DIY's I had this week. ]

Lovely ♥

Valentines Day Themed scrapbooking paper
Red Sharpie (not pictured) (or one that goes good with the paper)
Pink Foam (or one that goes good with the paper)

 Step 1: Cut out your card. (Ignore the tissue in the background!)
 See mine?
 Step 2: Draw a heart on the foam and cut it out.
 Step 3: Draw little dashes around the heart to create a 'stitched' effect.
 Step 4: Glue the heart onto the front of the card... and
 BAM! A super-cute V-day card for your doll!
 You could write a little message for your doll on the heart .
 Get out your pens and get busy!

Which DIY out of all my DIY's was your favorite? 


  1. I LOVE that heart paper!!!
    I think my favorite was this and the heart plaques.
    Nice series!! :)

    1. Me too!
      Thank you so much, Claire!!!


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