How to :::: Pet Food Box [?????]

Is that the correct term? Pet food box? Like you know the things that dogs and cats eat out of like those little food bowls? Technically, I don't even know what the thing is that you put feed in for de four-legged critters.. (don't get me wrong! I really love dogs and cats! even though both of the cats I owned ran away and I never have had a dog... *sigh* ) So, I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial (and I'm not gonna go on to the usual yadda yadda ) soooooooooooooooooo... i have to upload the pictures to the computer so I can post them.. *longgg sigh* anyways...


 You will need :::
 ○ Scissors 
○ Hot Glue Gun 
○Scrap Foam  

 Actually, I'm not using a quarter, but this cute coin that's a little bigger than a quarter and it has the Ten Commandments on it! How cute is that? 

 Step 1} Take your coin and lay it on the foam and trace four circles. 

Step 2} Cut them out. 

Step 3} Then stack them on top of each other and hot glue each one. 

 You should get this nice stack.

 Step 4} Cut a strip of foam about 1". I would probably prefer another color.  (sorry for the blurriness and the tripod sticking out in the photo :( )
 Step 5} Hot glue the strip of foam around your stack.
 And wah la! You have a basic food bowl! You could also jazz it up a little by taking a Sharpie and writing on the side.

Wanna learn a easy way to make doll 'pet food'? 

You will need::
○Lots of scrap foam.
 Step 1} All you have to do is cut it up!!!
                                 "Arf!!" (translation: yum!) Actually, I have no idea...

Can you remember Odie from previous posts? Will you make this?


  1. Cute idea! I would call it pet food bowl.

    1. Thanks!
      BINGO! My mind has suddenly turned on the switch, thanks to you :)

  2. Pet food dish. ;)

    This looks so easy! Easier than that St. Patty's day shake recepie! *Stares off into space* Ahem...anyway, this looks so easy! I'll probably be making this soon. :D

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. there's a lot of different names...*sigh*
      glad you'll be making it! :)


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