Happy Easter from Esther!
(which, I now realized sounds almost the same. Well, spelled almost the same - Easter Esther)
Anyways, happy Easter everyone! :) Maybe you're eating a chunk of milk chocolate (or will or have) #wishingforchocolate but right now I want to just rant a little.

So Easter is pretty awesome because years and years ago, Jesus rose from the dead, which can I say, is AMAZING. If He hadn't died and rose again for my sins, Christianity would be a useless religion. And if He hadn't, my life would be worth nothing either.  So overall, I'm very happy for that. Sometimes the whole 'bunnies and chicks and chocolate' thing gets out of control. Can we keep in mind that Christ rose from the dead?

He arose
He arose
Hallelujah, Christ arose..
Happy Easter!


I really like when you comment, but please no OMG or any swear words... Please keep everything pleasing to the Lord. Thank you -Autumn :)