ok, so today I'm going to do a post different from any other post that I've done. This should probably go on my other blog, but  here it goes.

 OK, so I realized on this blog, I hardly ever talk about my faith. Well, for starters I'm a Christian. But more importantly, today, I'm going to talk about faith.


OK, what is faith? Well, if you ask me when I'm kind of distracted, the first thing that comes to mind is, "When you believe in something or someone when you don't know if it's right" or "trust." Now people will say how do you know God is real? Good question. I know He's real because He has saved me, I will not lie. When I feel down, I pray to Him, and He helps me sort through my feelings. I know that may sound like a poor reason to you, but read His Word, you'll find out for yourself. I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, because He's my saviour, and without Him, I'd probably be lost and hopeless. Without a reason to live. Without a ray of hope.  In the darkest moments, despair and hopelessness would take over. But now, that I have faith in him, I don't have a reason to be afraid. Why? 
 "Our God is greater, 
Our God is greater,
Our God is higher than any other......
Our God is healer
Awesome in power
None like You"  
In God's Word, there's proof that though He died, He rose again, and right now He's watching over me.

So maybe you're like, "Girl, you are so off. You're kind of weird." Well, if you are, then you don't have to listen. But maybe, could this be a truth?

I have a faith in Jesus, far greater than any earthly things, that I won't give up....

 see ya later :)


  1. LOVE THIS POST!! SO TRUE!! Why would anyone think this post is weird...I just don't know. I love this. <3

    ~Lydia~ <3 (An eveeen biigggeeerrr fan than I was before you posted this <3)

    1. thank you soooo much! that means so much to me :) <3

  2. Amen! Child in Christ :) You, my friend, deserve some online applause. And a hug :)

  3. Great post, He has saved me too!


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