How To :::::: Fast Food aka Burger and Fries

Yup. The regular burger and fries.
So hello there! A while back, I posted on my Google + account a picture of a doll-sized hamburger (for frequent updates, follow me on there and Twitter) and fries and I promised a tutorial soon. So today I have it!This is super fun, looks awesomey realisitc, and is crazy easy.
(oh, btw, notice the 'aka' theme? I've had 2 aka posts so far... =P)
Ready to treat your doll to a treat? Here are the things you will need:

What you will need!!!

Scrap foam  in various colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Tan, Brown
Mod Podge or regular glue
Red Puffy Paint 
Decorative Scissors
A quarter (I'm using a coin  slightly larger than  a quarter. It has the Ten Commandments scripted on it)
 Step I. Trace your quarter on the tan foam twice.

 Step II. Cut them out.
 Step III. Take your toothpick and make holes in the foam.

 Step IV. Cut a square of yellow foam. (for the cheese)

     Step V. Now take your quarter and trace around it leaving a gap of about 1/2 -1 centimeters.
 Step VI. Cut it out with the decorative scissors. This will give it a crudely cut look for the 'lettuce'.
 Step VII. Now trace the quarter on the red foam.
 Step VIII. Cut it out. (for the tomato)
 Step IX. Trace the quarter on the frown foam and cut it out. (for the meat)
 Step X. Now take your sealer or Mod Podge and glue the 'cheese', 'tomato', 'lettuce', and 'meat' together.

 Step XI. Now take the puffy paint and glue the two circles of foam to either side of the 'veggies and meat', making sure that some of the paint oozes out. Also be sure the the sides that you punctured are facing upward.
 Let dry and voila! You have a awesome miniature sandwich.
 Now, to finish off this awesome meal, your doll is begging for fries, right? All you have to do is cut strips of foam.
 And a idea just came to me, if you want 'ketchup', go ahead and dip the end of the fries in the red puffy pain to look as if  you dipped it in ketchup.
Mmmmmm, so good! Esther can't wait to devour this :) Will you make it for your doll?


  1. That looks so tasty, Esther will love it.

  2. Super cute! Great craft!

  3. Cute! Your bun kind of reminds me of a pita bread bun with the holes...okay, whatever, it's really cool. :)

  4. Anonymous9.4.14

    Cute fries!

  5. YUM! Esther will devour this before you can say..uh..goodnesswrinkles! I will deinetly try to make it...but it will probably end up looking like a smooshed nacho...I am terrbile at crafts. :P

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Thanks:) Esther does love it!
      No, this is actually pretty easy, you should definitely give it a shot♡ but sometimes, my crafts go woo-woo lol


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