Esther's Birthday Gift Inspirations || sleep?

Hello everybody! Right now, I'm trying not to keel over and fall asleep because for some reason I feel really tired. Hmm.. but I'm kind of scared to go asleep because I just finished watching this YouTube video since it was in the "Popular" section, and now I'm worried that my brain is going to break into little bits like it showed OR... I'll get too much sleep and yeah... but Lord willing none of that will happen. But for the fun of it, see the video and I think you'll see what I mean.. it's pertyy interesting... (minus all the long scientific-y words ;) (now that I'm re-reading and proofing this paragraph, I realize nothing made sense. tee hee :)


Anyways, enough of me getting sidetracked...this week one of my friends is having her birthday and since I have her gift all ready, I decided to show it to you guys so you might get some inspiration OR... you can read this post out of boredom.. :D Well, hopefully it's not the latter option...So yes, I hope you guys like this post!

 Hello! It's Esther here, and today I'm going to show you a really quick, easy, and super nice gift idea for anyone close to you!

 So this is the card I am giving. Obviously I'm not going to show you the back because I wrote my message for her on the back but this is the front. I made this card, because, hey, homemade is always (usually  *cough*) best! And the message on the front is from a stamp and it says:

A birthday is the perfect time
For telling friends you love them
A season for reminding them 
Of heaven's love above them
With all my heart I hope and pray 
That heaven's love may fill your day

All right, next up, I'm giving this Bath and Body Works lotion in the scent "Carried Away", mm, love this scent! What's your favorite B&B scent? 

*rummages through bag* Let's see, what do we have next?

 OK, so when I asked her what she wanted she said hair bands, so I got 5 neutral colors, and tied them together with a ribbon and made a little bow. Cute and simple, right? ;)

And lastly, where you usually can't go wrong, GUM!!! My friend is a gum-lover (that sounds really weird, almost like a gun-lover. *shivers* well actually.... *stops before going into a rant*) I got the Sweet Watermelon flavor!

 So this is my gift bag. Pretty! (Esther, quit bragging... OK, OK!)

 OK, now that's everything's in... WAIT! Something's missing...

 Wrapping Paper! I'm using blue since I don't have white or anything that matches the colors of the gift bag.

 I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading <3 p="">God Bless,

P.S. I have a Cooking with Esther post coming up sometime in the near future :)


  1. That's awesome! I love Bath and Body Works. That gift set is really cool!

  2. Cute gifts! I love the Bath and Body Works lotion.

    ~ Mint

    1. It smells so good, right? :)

  3. Super cute post! =) Esther's gift bag is SO pretty! I didn't watch the video because I didn't want to get scared either...

    1. Thanks! Well....
      That honestly made me laugh, Claire :D haha
      (I'm still grinning like a weirdo :)

  4. Anonymous30.7.14

    That video kinda scared me, too...


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