Back to School DIY #2 || Doll Notebooks

Hey everyone! So for this post, I'm actually going to be re-creating my third post on this blog! 

Say what? Uh-huh....

  So for my first post ever on this blog, I posted some pictures of doll sized tablets/notebooks. Then for my third post, I posted instructions on how to make them. But, seeing as how I wasn't very well known back in 2012, I got 5 page views. Which, quite frankly, isn't too bad, but I decided it was a wonderful idea for a school DIY, so I redid a few notebooks, tweaking a few things here and there to make it even better! If you want to view the original post CLICK HERE. And I also added chalkboard paint in this DIY, because I'm kind of going on a chalkboard paint craze right now. Mmm, hmm... 

Anyways, I hope you guys like this post and as for a posting schedule, I'm pretty sure I'll only be posting on the weekends. School has become a bit harder, (*groans*) but I think I'll still be able to log on a few weekday evenings and comment on your guys' post and spend a little too much time on here. *cough* 'Kay, well, enjoy the post!

What you need:
Notebook paper
Washi tape or electrical tape 
Scrapbook paper 
Chalkboard paint or black spray paint 
Thin Cardboard (from cereal boxes) 

 Step 1: Spray the paint over the cardboard on both sides.

Step 2 : Cut a piece of scrapbook paper out the size you want your notebook to be. 

 Step 3: Take your notebook paper, fold it in half, then half again. Place your piece of paper on top and cut around it so you get four pieces of notebook paper the size of your paper.

 Like so.

 Step 4: By now the paint should have dried. Lay one or all of the pieces on the cardboard and cute a piece out.


 Step 5: Staple them all together. I used two staples.

 Pretty right?? Well.....

 Step 6: Cut a long strip of washi tape (or black electrical tape for a more composition book- look) then wind it around the edge of the tablet to hide the staples and to give it a more refined look.

 Step 7: Add any cute embellishment to the front for decoration and voilà!

 Now your doll is set to go back to school with super cute folders and notebooks! For DIY post on the folders, click here. 

 When do you start school? Or did you already start? If you already did, I'm giving you a  virtual high-five :)

I hope you guys liked this post and God bless <3 br="">
P.S. Happy September! Fall is here :) AUTUMN AUTUMN AUTUMN ;) lol


  1. That's super cute!

  2. Vary vary cute.

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