Esther's Birthday Gift Inspirations #2 + DIY Mason Jar Gift Idea

Hello people of the blogoshpere! So,my friend's birthday was a while back, but she never told me, till a teacher told her happy birthday in class and I was like, "say what???" *sigh* So I wanted to make her something nice and relatively inexpensive, so I decided to tint a mason jar and fill it with little goodies I could find around the house. Make it a "Esther's Birthday Gift Inspirations" and awesome post! Or not...... If you haven't seen my first post like this one click here. So I actually found the way to do this on Pinterest, so the idea on how to tint the jar is NOT mine, just sayin. But I thought it was pretty awesome and since I have a couple that I already made, I thought I'd just show you on here too. And I'm pretty sure that's all I wanted say.... Hmm.... So I hope you like this post and enjoy!

 What you need:
Mod Podge
Mason Jar 
Food Coloring
Paper Plate
If you're making it as a gift:
Little knick-knacks

 Step 1: Pour some Mod Podge into the bottom of your jar. Mine was probably filled 1/8 " high, which doesn't give you a lot of description but you can make your own calculations.

 Step 2: Add food coloring. I would say not more than 5 squirts though, because you don't want the Mod Podge as dark as the original food coloring, more of a pastel color.

 Step 3: Use a paintbrush to swirl it all around and mix it. Have fun with it and add different colors to make new colors!

 Like so. This is the color I achieved after mixing green, blue, and yellow.

 Step 4: Then tip your jar this way and that way, so that the glue covers the whole inside of the jar. It will take patience, but DO NOT DO NOT use anything to help you. Like a paintbrush. Just tip it and don't touch the glue at all, otherwise the final product won't look right.


Step 5: The put your jar upside down on a paper plate, and leave it like that for about 2-3 hours. This is so that all the excess paint can drip out. Then, put your jar right side up again, and leave it like that that for 1-3 days. It depends, the more humid the place, the faster it will dry.

This is mid-process. See how in some places there's still glue and some places it's dry?

After 1-2 days, this is how mine looked. I've made this before a couple times, however.

The inside, especially the bottom is completely dry!

If you would like to, once it's completely done drying, you can take disinfecting wipes (fancy name there) and wipe the jar.

Then just go ahead and add little cute things into it. A few things I put in was a candy bar, pens, notebook, lotion, soap, etc.

"This should be perfect!"

Oh, and fyi, I wrapped bubble wrap (gotta love that stuff!) around it to keep it from breaking when I gave it to my friend.

(Aghh, I hate this picture for some unknown reason.:( ) "Well, that was it for this time! Thanks for reading this post!"

Thanks for reading and God bless <3 nbsp="" p="">


  1. I totally love this idea!!! Once I get some Mod Podge, I'll probably make it. ;)

  2. That's awesome! Now I want to make one!

  3. That is really cool! I want to try this craft. Yours turned out great!

    1. It's really fun. Thank you!!

  4. That is SO pretty, I never heard of that idea before! I will have to make it.

    1. You must. Well, not really you "must" but I highly recommend you to!! It turns out beautiful in the end, and you can also add glitter sometimes in the glue and then when it dries, the jar is tinted and glittery :)

  5. Oh and I wish I could G+ this post, is there some way to do that without the little button at the end of the post?

    1. I just added the gadget to my posts :) And you would want to that to my post? Thank you sooo much!

  6. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! I love this craft.



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