Doll-sized Yard Sale Finds

Hello :) Last Saturday, there was this big fair thingy in my town. It happens every year, and it's awesome! There's barrel rides, food, and a lot of awesome stuff, not to mention there are 240 yard sales. Yup. It's pretty amazing. So I was there with my friend on Saturday, and we were looking around and at this one table, there was a doll, so I ran up and looked at it, and much to my surprise, it was ditto same as Esther. Her hair was more damaged than hers, and she was damaged pretty badly, so I set her down and walked away, and sadly there were no more dolls at all that I saw that day. *wipes fake tears*

Yeah well, life goes on. So I got myself free popcorn. It was yummy. And I got ice cream. And a hot dog. And breakfast. And I stole some of my friend's cotton candy because I was too lazy to go buy some. It was good. 

 So I was looking around the yard sales and was having a lot of fun, and at this one stand, there were doll clothes, and they were mainly longer dresses, and they were A-DOLL-ABLE. And the bigger fact? They were $5! F I V E F R E A K I N G D O L L A R S. Yes..... So I bought a dress that was kind of holiday-themed, because Esther has no holiday-ish (haha, that reminded me. In school, one of my teachers has a pet fish, and he was saying how he talks fish-lish. He was joking of course, but that reminded me of that for some reason :O) outfits, so I got that. Later, I was kind of grumbling about how I shouldn't have gotten the dress, even though it was only $5, and my friend was like, "We're not going back, so get over it." Gotta love your friends, right? XD

Anyways, I was there for like five hours, so I don't understand how I only purchased food and four things. And I had gotten two lotions, but my bag had a hole in it, so I lost the one lotion. Yayyy.... So I ended up with my doll dress, a doll sized cup I got for $.25, and one lotion. Oh, and I could've bought a Starbucks frappucino, but I was a good girl and bought a bottled water instead. :) Oh, oh, oh....  So for this post, I decided to show you guys the stuff I got and talk about my day, which I obviously did as you can see from the many paragraphs prior to this one. 

 You know, one time I was scrolling through Pinterest, and I saw a Winnie the Pooh (Who still loves him? *raises both hands wildly*) quote, and it said, "It's not fun to talk to someone who uses long words, but short ones like, 'How about lunch?' " Or something along that line. I loved the quote, but I'm not sure how much I agree with it though, because I like using big long words..... Hmmm.... 
Wow, very random....

Well, I hope you like this post!

Here's the dress I bought.I think it's super cute, and it really reminds of like an AG Historical outfit or sumpthin.

The little buttons are soooo adorable, and they're practically the whole reason I even bought this dress.

The bodice part (sewing terms, gotta love them :) is super cute, and has really christmas-y print, so this dress'll be great for the holidays. And I also love the white trim around the neckline.

Back view.

I was a bit worried at first if the sleeves were going to be too big, but they turned out to be great :)

And, those bracelets don't go too well with this dress, don't you agree? ;) Too clashy in Esther's opinion.

It closes with velcro on the back.

Here's my hand cream. I lost the other one, however ;(

I'm probably going to give this away as a gift during Christmastime. 

And, lastly, the cup. It was only $.25, so I was like, "I must have it!"

Do you guys think it fits her good?

So here's everything that I got! (Well, minus the food, the water (is water a food??) and my other lotion :) 

So thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you have a great day (and don't get sick. I was sick on Sunday, and it was NOT fun. I know from personal experience :)  Thanks for reading and God bless <3 p="">


P.S. I hope to have a "Cooking with Esther" post up sometime soon!


  1. That dress is so cute! Losing stuff is never fun. :( I wish I could spend five hours at a fair, but my family would die if we stayed that long...they're not really the social type...but I love shopping and the busyness, and the funness (not a word, I don't care evil red line!) of it all...sigh. Well I just realized funnes sounds really weird...O_O ........awkward silence....................

    1. Truth. I hate losing my stuff. And YES! Funness shall be a word! Except that it does sound rather awkward..... yeah well, who cares :)

    2. Yeah! LOL! I will have a lot of funness if they add it to the dictionary! That's our new word. ;)

    3. XD. "I will have a lot of funness" So shall I! Yes, in our little dictionary ;)


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