Book Review ::: A Surprise for Caroline (AG)

Heyyyyyyy :) So two Mondays ago (like not this past Monday but the one before that) I was at the library. Wow, really, Autumn? See, I was there because I had to get a book for a school project and I literally spent like half an hour there looking for the perfect book. Ughh... So after I finally found it, I decided to quickly get some other books that I could read if I had spare time, and I was scanning the shelves of books (you know, the library is kind of like the bookworm's haven :) and I saw some American Girl books. My reaction: "WHAAAAT?"  Or something like that. So I straightway chose one, and then I was like, "All good, but in all honesty, what is reading an AG book going to help me in life?" So  I thought, well, I'll just do a book review on ODOT. I've never done a book review on here, because that would be weird, since this is a doll blog and doing a review on a non-doll book wouldn't make sense. But - that shall change today! (wow, I seriously make the most confusing intros ever) Well, I hope you enjoy this post and if you have any post ideas, be sure to drop them below :) 


OK- let's begin:

CHARACTERS:  The characters were fairly thought out and interesting. Caroline herself was an interesting girl, full of quirks and adventure. Rhonda, her friend, strikes me as more of a stuck-up person, but that was not the case in this story. As for Caroline's cousin, Lydia, she seems like a very nice character All in all, the characters are very realistic and the author used very good imagery. 

PLOT: I definitely think the plot is well thought out and keeps a steady pace, considering I finished the book in an hour and a half. Not even exaggerating. :) But really, it's a fairly interesting book , and I actually didn't lose interest; but it wasn't strong enough to keep me in the same position the whole time, tense and anticipating every single move. But that was OK, considering this book is for ages 8 + up. 

LANGUAGE/QUESTIONABLE CONTENT:  Nope. Considering the facts that this is for ages 8 + up, ummm...... no! Plus, AG does good in keeping their books safe and clean. 

OTHER THOUGHTS:  Nothing much, it's a pretty good book if you have absolutely nothing else to do and you're bored out of your wits. But to some this book may be interesting, so I guess it really just depends on what you like to read and etc. I'd give this book 4 stars. Not because of anything in the book, just what I felt the book deserved. 


GENRE: Fiction, Historical Fiction 
AGE: 8+ Up

So I hope you guys liked this post!  Have a great day and remember this "Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong." hehe, it's actually the album from which one of my all time favorite songs comes from, check it out :) 

So in all honesty, it's a really good quote too, so yeah.... until next week :) 
Thanks for reading and God bless <3 font="">

Ooh, and do you have any post ideas? 


  1. Nice book review; simple yet totally easy to understand while still grasping a good idea of the book. :)
    As for post ideas... I don't know... I'm prone to liking photo-stories, photo-shoots, and OOTW's... but it's all up to you. =)

    1. Thank you :) Ive been working on that actually, trying to make my book reports sound more professional and well-written.... We'll just see where that goes ;P
      Oooh, that's nice! Thank you! I'll definitely try to incorporate those somehow :D

  2. Good review! Yeah, I wish the AG books were at least a little bit more longer and you got to know the characters a little bit better, but for now the AG Mystery books settle for me- I like those. Have you seen the History Mystery books? I am very sure that they had to whole series (12+ books) at my library, and that I had gotten them before, and I couldn't find them one time, and I asked and they just looked at me weird so...don't know what happened there. But I have the first book and it is SO good! It isn't even about the AG dolls, they are about made up girls. Still wish they had them.

    1. Same here :) If only you got to know the characters a bit more in depth, it would go a whole lot better :) That is so awesome! Yeah, once I was at my friend's grandma's place and she had one the Historical Mystery, I think it was a Felicity one, and I read and re-read it :) I really love those, if only my library carried them :) *sigh*
      haha, that's hilarious :) I'm sure you'll find them eventually :D

  3. We did a play (from that book) And I played Caroline! It was really fun! And I love that song from for King and country :)

    1. Cool! It must've been super fun! IKR??? :D

  4. Thank you for the review. I haven't gotten to Caroline yet. Still working on some of the older characters books. :)

    1. You're welcome :) Yeah, the older ones are super interesting as well. :D


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