Cooking with Esther ⟦ Apple Cider Floats ⟧

Hello, peoples :) How have you all been doing lately? I've been doing pretty good, considering the weather has taken a slight 180° change. Not literally, I mean like it's been the complete opposite of what it was before, which is sooooo AMAZING. It was like really chilly and cold and wet all of the last week, and  recently it's been sunny and warm and beautifulness. ♥  Anyways, so today it was sooo nice, and I wanted to take pictures outside for this post (btw, I'm writing this post not today, but on Saturday, because I've started scheduling posts for every Wednesday. Like every weekend I'll write up a post and then schedule it for Wednesday so for sure very week you get a new post :) That way I'll finally have a schedule... because frankly, I'm a pretty bad person at schedules. :) So basically, on Saturday we had some really nice weather, so I decided to make a "Cooking with Esther" post, which if you don't what that is, it's a "series" where Esther (aka me ;) will show you how to make a yummy treat.... 

 Fun Fact: I hate soda and anything along that line. I remember the first time I ever drank some, it fizzled around and stung my mouth and I hated it :) Basically any fizzy drink I dislike. A LOT.  So the famous root beer floats are kind of... how to put this nicely... hmm.... horrible? XD. But honestly, I don't like them, and when I found this recipe, I literally gasped. And then rushed to the kitchen to make it. So I've found out that this recipe is literally one of my favorite fall drinks now, and I know that you guys have to see it too. If you already know about it, isn't it sooo good? :) *expects enthusiastic smiles and nods* 

Also, guess what? Some of my very good friends just got overloads of pumpkins for free because they raise pigs and they can feed it to the pigs. (for some reason I'm laughing right now. It just looks so weird to type pigs.... #typicalme :D)  And so I got a few from them, and I actually DIYed the one by painting it and using it as house decor, and it's so cuuteee. I also used them as props in this post, so I hope you enjoy the pictures in this post especially. I literally took wayy too many because I thought that the whole theme of the post and the way I set it all up looked so photogenic....  Autumn, Autumn, Autumn....(not the season, like my blogger name.....) But yeah, I should honestly stop rambling.... :O  Anyways, I hope you guys like this post, and yeah :) Enjoy! 

 What you'll need:

♡ Ice Cream (preferably vanilla, but if you love chocolate as much as me, then chocolate works ;)
♡ Apple Cider
♡ A Glass Jar (I used a Mason jar, cuz honestly, everybody uses these things nowadays :) 
♡ Any spice (I used cinnamon, but there's nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, and etc. Take your picks :D) 

 Step 1 :  Add two scoops of ice cream to your cup. (Or more than two ;)

 Step 2 : Fill up your cup the rest of the way with apple cider.

 Step 3 : Add any spice or topping of your choice, and wah - la! You're done :)


Apparently Esther loves it :) 

"Mmmm, you guys should definitely try this! It's delicious."  - Esther 

B O N U S      P H O T O  like we'd need it in this post

I hope you guys liked this post and I'll see you next week :) 
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Thanks for reading and God bless ♥ 


  1. Wow... I thought I was the only one who has an intense dislike for soda and any fizzy drink. I literally drink water, milk, and hot chocolate. xD
    This looks really good; I totally want to try it. I loved the post, and would love to see more of these! =)

    1. *gasps* I have never met another person who also hates fizzy drinks.... YAYY!!! Or not.... Same <3
      Thank you so much :)

    2. I stopped drinking coke a few months ago and my siblings are always saying; "Why don't you like coke?" I've never met anyone who didn't drink coke or fizzy drinks So that's like "Wow!!!!" I'm not the only one who doesn't like coke!

    3. hehe, that's kind of exactly what my friends are like. "What is wrong with you??" XD
      THIS. IS. AMAZING. I have met another fellow human who does not like soda as much as me. YESSSSSSSSSS :)) ;P

  2. The apple cider float looks sooooo good.


  3. YUM, that looks so good...*rushes to local apple orchard to get apple cider*

    1. hehe, yup :) Pretty much sums it up.

  4. It looks so good! And the pictures look awesome!


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