DIY ♡ Doll-Sized Polka-Dot Infinity Scarf

Hello wonderful people of the internet :) How have you all been doing lately? Good? Wonderful. As for myself, I can't really say how I've been doing, since I basically don't know, but I've been doing pretty good. Last weekend I went to hear my friend and her choir singing and it was super fun :) (Especially the refreshments. C'mon, I mean, that's kind of the whole reason I went ;) So when I was trying to brainstorm a post idea for today, I was so tired of not having post ideas. I  mean, you guys did give me some, and I really want to work on those, but I was still trying to figure out what to do for your ideas. So after multiple punches at my computer screen, browsing YouTube, Google, and and any other website for 'blog post ideas', asking everyone in near sight what I should post, and looking through all my old posts for inspiration (and Pinterest, of course :) I finally decided to do a DIY on a no-sew infinity scarf for your doll. You all probably already know how to do this, since it's basically chop-chop and boom! infinity scarf at your service, so I decided to a slight twist and make it a polka-dot one, but it's still practically a "no-duh" DIY, so umm.... yeah...... I dunno. Well, I will try to have nicer posts up in the future, but let us just continue on with this post, shall we? 

Oh, and btw, HAPPY NOVEMBER! Can you believe it? Two moths until 2015, it's insane. But November is pretty freakin' amazing too. Crisp air, boots, leaves, cliche, cliche.... But it's true that they are awesome. Yeah, well, that could make a pretty good post idea too....  Well, yeah..... ;P

 What you'll need : 

Foam Pouncer (I didn't have one so keep reading to find out what I did. I did use a piece of cardboard and felt pads. [in picture] )

All - purpose paint (I used acrylic)

Paintbrush (optional) 

A infinity scarf.  (I had a strip of material that worked perfectly. But if you don't, basically, just take some knit fabric [or any other, I just find that this works best for me] and cut a piece about 2 1/2" high and however long you want. If this didn't make sense, google it. You'll find plenty of tutorials :)

 Fun Story : (note: when I say "fun" translate it into "boring", 'kay? ;) I didn't have any foam pouncers, so I decided to head over to the nearest dollar store to find something. I went and practically the first aisle I went into had these felt pads. They looked pretty "DIYish" so I got them, without a single clue what they were for. I got home and was like, "Noooo... What am I going to use these for?" So I kind of made another DIY to substitute for the foam pouncers. SO you don't need them either if you have these, or you could probably take a piece of foam and cut a circle then glue it on something and use that as a foam pouncer. Just use your imagination :D

  Take a felt piece and stick it on a piece of heavy cardboard or a piece of wood or basically anything that works.  If you want, you can also cut out around it to make it easier to use. And voila! Foam pouncer thingy :D

 Step 1 : Take your scarf and lay it out over newspaper or something you don't mind getting paint on.

 Step 2: Squirt some paint on a paper plate or on your pouncer. 

 Step 3: The start "stamping" circles on your scarf. You can go in any which way you want, but it does look nice if you have a pattern. 

Like so.

And if you circle isn't completely filled in, take your paintbrush and fill it in with the paint.

 Step 4 : Repeat on both sides, then let it dry. Today we had a especially windy day, so I hung mine up after I was done. Like literally ;)

Then after it's totally dry, stretch it out just to make it more comfortable and wah - la! Beautiful scarf :)

 I hope you guys liked this post :) Will you be making this?
Thanks for reading and God bless <3>



  1. Aww this is super cute!! I love it! I may have to make one in the near future! ^-^

    1. You definitely should, Adaline! It's so easy and lovely ♥

  2. That is so cute!! I will do that. :)

  3. That's a great idea! It's so cute on Esther!

  4. Oooh, I love the scarf!
    We nominated you for an award!

    1. Same :))
      Aww, thank you :D


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