Cooking with Esther: White-Chocolate Pretzel Rods || Christmas Series #1

     Hey guys :) So today I had a fine time in the kitchen.  Kind of. It sort of went like this-  I wanted to start my Christmas series on the first week of December so I'd have time to post all the posts I had planned. Like literally, I sat down with a pen and paper and made a list of all the posts that I want for this blog for this month, so that's exciting :) Anyways, so I decided for this week I'd just do a "Cooking with Esther" post and do a holiday-ish treat.  So I went to the kitchen and epically failed at melting chocolate. In some of the pictures you can see the bowl that I set behind my saucepan, and if you're wondering what's in it, it's a whole bunch of white chocolate that I failed at melting. Don't scroll down. Please?  ;P So, that went well. I eventually got some of the chocolate melted and it all worked out fine.

     Also, if you didn't see from the title, I'm starting my Christmas series! *waits for excited squeals. nope, there's none.*  So I'm really excited for that. I hope you all like all the posts this month :) :D So today's post is a "How-to" on how to make the probably most easiest snack. EVER. It's really colorful and fun to make, as long as you get the chocolate properly melted and don't let it harden. White chocolate is probably also one of the hardest chocolates (well, technically  "white chocolate" is not a chocolate at all. Thanks to Melody for telling  me :) to melt, so it may or may not prove to be a struggle to you if you endeavor to make it. :D Anyways, so I'm going to show you all how to make these pretzel rods that are dipped in white chocolate. Fun! (OK, that was supposed to be sarcastic, just so ya know) But really, I think they look really cute. So if you all like this post, would you want more treat posts this month? Like Christmas-y themed treats? Yay or nay?

 Anyways, I hope you have a good day, and enjoy :) 

 What you'll need: 

White Chocolate 
Pretzel Rods
Sprinkles (If it's for Christmas, then preferably holiday-themed sprinkles)

Step I.  We're going to melt our chocolate.  This can be done in two different ways. You can either microwave your chocolate or use the double broiler method.  I used the double broiler method, but you might find instructions on the back of your chocolate package or you may just google it to find out how to do it if you don't know how.  

You will want to get it to a smooth, creamy consistency.

 Step II. Once your chocolate has been melted to a nice consistency, take a pretzel rod and dip it in the chocolate.  You could easily do this by putting the chocolate in a cup, but it also works to just dip the rod in the bowl and use a spoon to apply the chocolate.

 Step III.  Now comes the fun part!  You can now sprinkle the rods with whatever you choose.  I just used sprinkles, but you can also drizzle other chocolate on top of the rods for a pretty look.  You can put as much or as less on it as you want.

 Step IV.  Have a baking dish ready, so that as soon as you are done customizing your rods, you can place them on the dish. But first take a sheet of wax paper and place it on top of the dish.  This way the pretzels can dry nicely without sticking too much.

 White chocolate, or chocolate for that matter, doesn't take that long to harden (which sometimes is a problem when you're melting it ;) so it'll probably take like only 15 minutes for it to cool.  But if you're in a real hurry, you could probably stick it in the fridge :D

 And ta-da!  You have these amazing treats :) Aren't they so picturesque?

And you know what? These can also be the perfect Christmas gift.  Just wrap ribbon or something around the bottom of the rods, and put in a clear bag, and wah-la! Gift! *cough* well, maybe. I dunno, I was thinking about giving it to one of my friends at school, so... maybe :) 

 And if you break the rods in half, you have doll-sized holiday treats :)

 Looks like Esther loves it :)

Have you ever made these? Do you like these? 

Thanks for reading this post ♥ 

P.S. Can you believe it's December already? 
P.P.S. More treat posts? 


  1. Could you just like make me 50 of these and send them to me, Autumn? Because dang these look so good!
    I'll definitely have to make a note to try these. =)

    1. Coming right up 50 pretzel rods! Or not. But let me tell you - you got that right that they're so good :D
      You should :))

  2. Yum! They look sooo good!

  3. YUMMY! Santa should try giving these out instead of candy canes. :}

    ~Lydia~ <3

  4. great post! this recipe is great. by looking at the pictures I already get hungry
    very nice blog you have. check out mine too :)


  5. Those look yummy!!


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