DIY Dolly Holiday Room Decor ⛄ Christmas Series #2

hello ya'll :) what's up? So today I wanted to do a post in which Esther and I decorate our "doll room" to be more Christmas -ey.   You probably saw my post where I posted a Thanksgiving photo-shoot of Esther, well on there, we kind of tried to decorate it for fall, but it was kind of a fail. lol. Anyways, so I collected a few projects that I thought were seasonal and little knick-knacks that would possibly make my "doll room" a little more cozy and warming.  So as I did it, I thought it would be kinda fun to do a post on it all.  So I hope you all like this post and if you do, leave a comment  telling me so and which project was your favorite. Enjoy ☺ 

Oh, and in the post title, can you all see the snowman between the words "decor" and "Christmas"?  It showed up on Firefox , but not Chrome.  Does it work for you all?

This is what it looks like when I'm done :D Like?

 The first DIY is this pretzel star.  It's really easy and makes a nice ornament or piece of doll decor :) 

What you're going to need: 

5 pretzel rods
A hot glue gun

Step1. Plug in your hot glue gun.  You might want to ask an adult to help you.

Step 2:  Join your two pretzel rods in a point.

Step 3 : Take another pretzel rod and glue it from the bottom of one of the points at an angle.

Step 4:  Then from the point that is sticking out, glue another rod across, and then back down. Basically just make the shape of a star.

Next up we're making this candy cane name holder thing.  You can put pretty much anything in it.  

What you'll need:
Candy Cane
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1. Since all these decorations were for my doll and had to be doll sized, the first thing I did was chop my candy cane in half so it would be doll-sized. 

Step 2: It's not shown here, but unwrap your candy canes first.  It helps a lot. But after you're done with that, just take the two ends of two candy canes and hot glue them  together. 

Step 3.  Then hot glue a third "leg" onto your candy canes, so it forms a sort of tripod to hold up your candy canes.

Step 4: Now you're done!  Take some ribbon and tie a bow around the top and you're complete. 

Like so.  If you want you could even hot glue it in place. 

Now our next DIY is something that I personally love.  Since Esther has no Christmas tree for her room, this is a great alternative.  The sad part? there's no lights :(

 What you'll need:

Decorative Winter Paper ( I just ended up using plain white copier paper ) 
Different Colored Sharpies or Markers 

Step 1.  Basically you're just going to copy over Luke 2:11, which you can see up there^^.  You're going to want to copy it over in that same style as well. It's all going to be on paper, but it's still really cute and I love it ♥

So this is what mine looked like after I was all done :) 

So now onto some ways to just decorate.  One way is to just add pine cones.  I personally think it's a really nice way to add some nature into your room without dragging in a pine tree. (Which you could still do :) 

So all I did to my pine cones was I placed them on an old baking tray and stuck them in the oven for 1 hour at 200° F.  Basically this just gets rid of any bacteria and opens up the pine cone. 

My next tip to decorate is to find little knick-knacks that are just laying around and use them (if they're doll-sized) for your doll room. Like this little express train I found.  I could probably also use this for Valentines Day, and they work great for a Christmas decoration.  Isn't it soo cute?

All I did then was take my candy cane holder and stuck Esther's phone on it and placed a little crocheted doily that I  made underneath it.  Then I placed the train in  front of it. 

Then I just took a small container and you know the pieces of candy cane we sawed off in making the candy cane holder?  I just put those in there for a doll sized treat. 

Esther finds it quite addictive :) 

After that I just placed two pine cones on one side of the desk and one on the other side. 

And then I just placed my "Christmas tree" on the one wall. 

Then another tip is to dress up your chair a little.  Mine was a pink camouflage, so it didn't look too beautiful with the Christmas theme.  So I just took a blanket/tablecloth that I made in my Valentine's Day DIY Week which I did earlier this year.  The link to it is HERE.  Check it out :) So basically I just draped it across the chair. '

I actually received the chair as a Christmas gift a few years back, and it was the My Life brand or something like that.  It's meant for 18" dolls, but as you can see, the fit isn't exactly the best.

And here's my pretzel star.  It's really cute, and I think it adds a very nice festive vibe to the whole room.

View from top down .

This is the complete product. You like? ❤︎

Thanks for reading and God bless each and every single one of you ♥♥

P.S. I added new buttons to the bottom of the post :) Check it out!


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