Against Blue and White

When choosing a name for a photoshoot, I find that realizing the literal sense of where my doll is and naming the photoshoot that works quite well.  As seen in these pictures, I used as a "prop" this blanket that was given to me when I was little.  I honestly love the colors so much, and the fact that it was handmade as a gift is really sweet.  So yeah... for posts during the week, I'm probably just going to post photoshoots or posts mainly filled with photos, simply because of school and time management problems..... :)  Honestly though, we're already in 2015, and it's almost the middle of January, so only like a few more months till spring... *whoops* Do any of you guys have a birthday in the spring? Mine isn't really, it's more summerish. 

Happy Wednesday :)


  1. Adorable pictures! I love the colors. <3

  2. These are so pretty! I love the second to last picture! :)

  3. Pretty photos! I love the blue!!
    Also, I nominated you for an award on my blog! :)

    ~ Mint


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