What to do when you're bored

Hello people :) It's Esther, and today I thought I'd show you all what I like to do when I'm bored.  To be honest though, it's very rarely that I do get really bored, so yeah. The need for these things I really don't have, but I thought it'd be fun to share. Well, here is what I do, when I'm bored. 

Idea One – Teach your dog tricks 

So, this might apply only to me, or maybe to you too, depending if you have a dog. Or any pet for that matter, I guess.  I really love teaching Odie tricks, and usually he's willing to learn. Unless he's having a bad day, then... well, let's just say, watch out!

Idea Two – Nail polish  

Yeah, so I'm a doll, and I don't really wear polish, but if you're human, then I'd suggest this.  Aren't these little bottles so adorable? Human got a pack of them for Christmas... *sigh* But she lets me play with them, so I guess that's a plus. 

Idea Three – Hot cocoa   

You know all those times you spent scrolling Pinterest or Tumblr, looking at all those beautiful mugs of hot chocolate?  Well, here's your chance.  I mean, you're bored, why not give it a try? And maybe- just maybe, you should upload it on Pinterest and see if someone repins it.  Then you know you did a good job ;)

 And if you don't feel like starting from scratch, just use a mix. It's a lot easier, and if you want a shortcut, here you go :) 

Idea Four – Pick your outfits  

I know for me, since I don't go anywhere during the day like Human does, I can stay in PJ's all day if I want, but sometimes if Human wants to take me somewhere, I need an outfit.  And usually, I sleep in just a little too late, ending in me donning a horrendous outfit.  So that's why I suggest picking out what you're going to where ahead of time. 

I think I'll wear this one tomorrow.

And even for humans, this is a great idea. I know my Human has quite a hard time in the mornings deciding whether or not to wear a jacket or not. It's quite serious for her, let me tell you. 

Idea Five – SLEEP   

Yes. This is most likely the best idea. I mean, really what else needs to be said about it? 

OR... if you can't sleep, I'm sure Pinterest is always handy. ;)

That's Human's account, by the way.

So, yes, those are my ideas.  What do you like to do when you're bored? 

xx esther 


  1. This is sooo cute! I love doing all those things, especially painting my nails and sleeping! XD

    P.S. I'd love it if you could check out my blog and maybe follow me?!!! I already followed you a while ago! :)

    1. Thanks :) Yes, sleep is truly wonderful :)
      I'll go check you out asap!

  2. Those are all great ideas Esther, but sleeping and Pinterest are totally the best ones. :D

  3. I don't even have a Pinterest account but I know it's addicting enough without. xD
    Lovely things to do; painting my nails is what I do often. =)

  4. True...true.
    Yes, same here :)

  5. Sounds like a good list...:) I have dog but she is an old bad dog :) Hey would you like to check out my blogs? If you want then you can follow them :) BTW-I love you blogs!


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