DIY Doll Toothbrush | yup i'm back

(uh, let's just not ignore the fact that I've been gone for four months. sorry? i know i could probably make a whole post on the whys and hows of no reason, but i'm not gonna.  i will admit i briefly thought about closing this blog....but this post was in my drafts and i'm gonna publish it.  and i'm also gonna keep this blog running no matter what. i love you guys and this blog so much.  i know the design's pretty wacky, but i'm gonna use some coding magic on it sometime soon hopefully.  i know that there probably won't even be that many people reading this, but if you are, YOU DA BEST.)

 Hello everybody! So recently I was cleaning and I found an old toothbrush head. I decided to try to do something with it, since I was obviously not gonna use it anymore, and I transformed it into a mini doll sized toothbrush :) if you want to learn how to make this ridiculously easy, yet super cute toothbrush, then this post is for you ^_^

what you'll need - 
duct tape, old toothbrush head, scissors, hot glue, twine (optional)

Step 1 - Clean off the toothbrush head and measure out your duct tape and cut it out.

Step 2- Go ahead and wrap the duct tape around the toothrbrush head to cover it fully, and then wah la :) this wasn't even a diy i know, just go with it. 

And totally optional, if you want the bottom to be covered too, just wrap a piece of twine around the bottom and secure it with hot glue.

stay strong xx


  1. Great craft! I've been missing you :(. Oh and about the design, it is PERFECTLY ok! I change my design like every week! :) lol

    Allie D.

  2. I never thought of using a toothbrush head for dolls! Cute idea!

  3. Haha, this is so cute!

    Paige xo // The Joys of Being Paige


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