schoolgirl memories

helllo peoples :) how are you all doing? i feel like it's been forever since i've actually wanted and felt inspired to post on this even the last post i did, it was a scheduled post that i had pre-shot and typed like a year back.  so...yeah.  honestly, with school and life and everything in between, i've been so busy.  also, i run another blog, Autumn's Readings and Writings, that legitly takes soo much time too.  that's sort of my main blog, even though this blog used to be my main blog.  not to say that Onedolloutthere isn't any less important... no way. but, still i love photography and dolls, so this blog won't go anywhere, even if don't post every single day like i did in 2012 :)

so on another note, what do you guys think of my photography? has it improved? i've definitely been working on it and studying more into my camera.  i love long distance shots that still are clear and focused, and that's what i'm trying to work on.  though, i've gotta say, close ups are just the best.  i'm really pleased with the way this shoot came out...what do you think?  one my biggest photography inspirations is Sydney from "I Won't Dance"...her photography is MIND-blowing.  Honestly, I think AG should hire her :)

Anyways, tell me what you have been up to and if you ever want to talk to me, head on over to my other blog :)

- autumn 


  1. I think the last two pictures are just really cute!

  2. You've definitely improved, Autumn! I love this shoot. Ahh, and Sydney's photography is amazing, I know!

  3. These pictures are beautiful! Great job, Autumn!:)


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