A LOT of things...

Yeah, I'm back. Snapped a few pictures, hopefully I can use them. Layla, I filmed the part where Esther cries a little when she misses Marie-Grace. I still have a lot to do yet. :P
Updates? A few; not really "important". I feel like writing short sentences. <> is now a part of two other blogs. Dazzling Design Studio & 7 Days of Dolly Fun.  Please go order a design from my designing blog and go follow my collab blog! 
Blog of the Week: Saige's Locket! Congratulations! You can take the award, Dally!

And...last. The contest for my 20 followers. I'm going to post it tomorrow. I hope you all enter. It would mean a lot. So, this was a random post. ~Autumn

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