Hi..I'm back// random post

Hey girlies..tis I....the lovely Autumn....

*cough cough..yeah right..

So, first of all, thank you for commenting while I was gone. I got like eight comments! (with my replies, 16, 16 COMMENTS!)  You guys are THE best :)

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You guys really like my new doll series, eh? I'm kinda glad...I wasn't sure what you're first reaction would be, so I was kind of jittery till I saw all your comments and was like, "Wow! No problem, they liked it!" =)

Anyways, I really like the design of my blog now, but it's been here for a LONG  time. Time for a ...change. So, I shall be changing the design of this blog soon, as soon as I finish Claire's design for Hello Little Birdy...I'm putting it off...sorry Claire! It's bound to come very shortly.

And seeing I'm at 29 followers, almost 30, I have a proposition to put to you.

Guys, let's get to 50.

There...it's out. I've been wanting to tell you all, but I was kind of scared it would be impossible.

But look at this Bible verse.

"....With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible"
I'm almost positive it's not talking about Blogger followers,  but it's not impossible with God. So by faith, I want this goal to become a reality. 

So thanks  all who are following me, and those who will start to follow...(Lord willing :) 

Don't forget to enter my contest! It ends in 3 THREE days, so hurry up and enter here!.

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