I Am A Doll (Ep. 1)

Hey you all lovelies! I am gonna be starting a new series that I'll post whenever I remember!
It's from the perspective of my doll. And I will mention your doll in the stories if you comment below saying you would like that :) Anyways, let's keep going...

Episode 1.

The hallway was quiet. Esther cautiously stepped from her room and tip-toed out to the kitchen.

The humans had gone out, and Esther had heard them say they'd be back in an hour. She'd have plenty of time to just relax and chill out.

"Too bad none of my friends are here." Esther murmured to herself.
"SURPRISE!" Jenna and Grace screamed as they popped out from behind the couch. Jenna and Grace were some of Esther's best friends.
"You guys! You're THE best!" The girls gave each other quick hugs and then went back to raiding the kitchen. 
About ten minutes later they were sitting in the front porch, munching on chips and crackers.
"This is fun! Next time humans go out I'll invite you and some other dolls over! It'll be a blast!" Esther said to her friends.
Jenna and Grace sighed, "Sorry Esther."
Grace leaned over and whispered something in Esther's ear.
"NOOO!" Esther screamed.

To find out what Grace whispered into Esther's ear, keep on waiting for Episode two! And don't hesitate to ask for your doll to be included as a character!


  1. Can my doll Molly be in it?

  2. What a cliff hanger!!

    1. It's that mysterious??

      Uh..uh..yeah! I know =)

  3. Can Samantha be a character please? You can use Kit too if you want!

  4. I'd love my doll McKenna to be featured as a character!


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