Quick Post with Esther (pt. 2)

Hey ya all good and jolly girlies!

It's ... Esther!

I've done one of these a LONG LONG LONG time ago. No link...it'd take wayyyy too long to find.

So, yes, I'm fat and full and ready to roll!

Not necessarily.  No. 1, I'm NOT fat. No. 2, I'm not full, (this is a late night post) No 3, I don't want to roll and break a leg.
Anyways, let me slow down a bit and start talking more realisticly. (Blogger doesn't recognize that <<<<< as a word :) OK, yay!

So you know that we have a contest going on? Please guys, enter! Otherwise....I'm threatening...(Don't worry, I'm still plastic molded into a doll with fabric stuffed with cotton for the body...)

Thank you for entering! (better 've)

And, I think after this contest, I'm going it have a goal. 

Anyways, what did you think of our  stopmotion? 

Signing off...

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