Valentines Day DIY Week #3

 Hello! I hope you are all having a great day so far. Today I  have a super amazing (weird) DIY. The reason I saw weird is because mine turned out NOT looking like what it was supposed to.... but oh well. So today I have another Valentine-y day theme DIY.... so enjoy this tutorial on how to make........ DOLL SIZED VALENTINES DAY CANDY!!!

Heart Hole Puncher (Dally, remember 'open heart surgery?' lol) 
Different scraps of Valentines Day themed scrapbooking paper 
Small Container 
Cotton (Optional)

 Step 1: Punch as many hearts as you want with your paper and hole puncher.

Step 2: Fill your container with the paper hearts, OR if you want to save time like me *weird laugh* fill it with cotton then sprinkle some hearts on.

And ta da!! You are finished!

♥ #socute ♥

see you later!


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