V-Day Themed Arm Warmers DIY

Ello :)

Long time no see, eh?

Well, today I have the most cutest DIY EVAH on the history of this blog. You will be making this constantly. Just a warning. This is absolutely so easy and cute and fun to do, and it involves sewing!! EEK. ( #justaminutedidyoueverseemesewwellifnotdontthinkanythingradical)Anywyas, I hope you enjoy this craft and without further ado let's get started!!!

Ever hear the expression, "They wear their heart on their sleeve." ? Well, that's what Esther's doing!

 You will need:
A strip of cloth about 2 1/2 " high
Acrylic Paint

 Step 1: Fold your cloth double but make sure it's one piece of fabric, not two ends together. Did that make any sense? Go about 1 1/2 inches from the side of your cloth and sew a straight line. Then go 1/4 inch from that and sew another line down. (Don't worry, this is probably the hardest step!)

 Like that ^^^^^^^^^^^

 Step 2: Cut between the seams and flip it inside out for your basic arm warmer!

Step 3: Repeat. To keep it straight, put your other arm warmer right beside the needle to start a guideline.

Then sew down.

 Step 4: Cut.

 And you have your basic arm warmers! You can keep it like this, or add the heart.

The Heart

 Step 1: Draw a heart on the piece of paper.

 Step 2: Cut the middle of it out, but do NOT start from the sides of the paper. It's probably easiest to use a X-acto knife.

 Step 3: Position on top of where you would want the heart to be on the arm warmer.

 Step 4: Squirt out your paint.

 Step 5: The use the cut out  heart as a stencil and paint in it!

 Step 6: Repeat on the other one.
 And you're done!!!! These are really fun and easy to make once you get the hang of it.

Will you be making these? 


  1. I love that idea, and I might make it when I go to my grandma's house because she has a sewing machine.

    1. You should! They are seriously so mcuh fun to make :)

  2. THAT IS SO CUTE! Seriously. Amazing

  3. THANK YOU!!!! I know, right? :)


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