An Attempt At Indoor Photography || Resolutions

Hello once again, people :) There is a certain fact which is quite odd, that fact being I haven't posted since last year. And when you put it like that, it sounds rather awful.  Fact being, the "last year" was last week.  But still, I usually like to have a post up on the first of the month, and I really didn't get one up then.  So yes, I'm posting today.  On a very normal Wednesday.   Seven days into 2015.  Wow I need to get over that.

 So, last week, I decided to try to take some pictures indoors and see how it all turned out.  Personally I prefer taking my pictures outside, simply because there's better lighting and there's "natural props".  I really hate setting things up to take pictures. Which is why my tripod is still sitting on the shelf, collecting dust.  On my new camera though, there's this thing called "Exposure Compensation"... ever hear of it? Basically it adds light or something to your pictures, which is pretty great.  So this week, I wanted to try it out inside.... OK, I'm going to sit here yapping away at this too long... long story short - Maddie is an AMAZING photographer and blogger, (her blog is linked right here) and I got inspired by her photography to try to shoot inside.  This is the result. Except now I found out there are way more options that work better on my camera for taking indoor pictures, so I was kind of mad about that. But whatever.   Happy scrolling. 

Why is she holding a candy cane? we will never know...

And, some extras....

Anyhow, we're in a new year, and I wanted to write up some resolutions about this blog... I don't know if I'll keep them, but I am resolved to now, so hopefully that stays till the end. :)

                    2015 RESOLUTIONS 
  1. Post two times a week if possible.
  2. Improve my photography.
  3. Grow my audience by 5% each month.
  4.  Post more in-depth and appealing content.
  5. Worry less.  Grow creatively.
  6. Reach my follower goal. 
  7. Pick up or create a fresh, new series.
  8. Meet more lovely doll bloggers and get to know them.

So yeah... that's that.  Have a wonderful rest of your week and look out for another post later this week  :) God bless ♥

~well, I don't really even need a sign off do I? You all know who I am, right? 


  1. Wonderful pictures! They are really pretty. :)
    I love your new blog design too! It's so professional!

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Thank you, Lydia :)
      Aww, I worked really hard on it!

  2. Gorgeous pictures Autumn. I love the window background. <3

    1. Why, thank you so much, Adaline :)

  3. These are lovely! I absolutely love the sunset ones. <3

    1. Me too. It really capture the moment I think.

  4. Anonymous6.1.15

    I noticed your new design! It's really good! :) And yes, I agree. Indoor photography is so hard!

    1. Thank you, Meghan :)) It definitely is...


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